“Daylighting” Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues Before Fall’s Even in Full Swing

Getty Images/StraussCurtis
At around this time each year, the days start getting shorter and shorter until, *sigh*, you find yourself logging your morning miles in the pitch dark. The truth is: No matter how many endorphins are pumping through your veins post-sweat sesh, the lack of daylight could still saddle you with a bad case of the winter blues. If it does though, the solve might be as simple as switching up the lighting in your space.

According to Science Direct, using a decor method known as "daylighting"—which involves designing your home to incorporate as much natural light as possible—has been linked to better health, productivity, and even economic benefits. But since not everyone (read: those who dwell in itty-bitty NYC apartments) has access to unlimited reserves of sunshine, Arch Daily reports that designers are turning to LED lights to mimic the mood-boosting effects using high-tech LED lights. The most impressive of which actually acts as a stand-in skylight.

The smart tech comes in various models that run the gamut in pricing and features. This $250 one, for instance, displays a single image of a blue sky, and allows you to alter the intensity of the LED based on your needs, and the natural light cycles of the day. So if, say, you were working from home, you could dial up the brightness for maximum productivity. Then later on, you could dim the device a warmer, less intense light temperature in time for dinner. "Warmer light and lower light levels have been shown to slow heart rate and create a relaxing state," explains Rebecca Hadley, manager of Eaton’s SOURCE lighting education center. Studies have even shown that this type of ambience encourages you to savor each bite, rather than forking your food in your mouth as fast as possible. (Fluorescent light, BTW, does the exact opposite.)

Pricier models have the ability to emulate the natural temperature of the sun too, allowing buyers to bask in their preferred Fahrenheit for the extent of the season. For the sake of your wallet though, the straight up sky flatscreen should save your abode from turning into a dark winter dungeon.

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