23 Best Winter Candles for Those of Us Who Can’t Wait for All the Snow Days

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One can never have too many winter candles, and that's basically a fact (or at least, a very strong opinion). And that's because, you gotta be prepared for winter in all the ways, including ambiance. Like, yes, stock up on your winter hats, snow boots with arch support, and those electric hand warmers for when it's nippy even inside. Whether you love winter (or are counting down the days until it's sunny and warm out), a sweetly scented (or spice-y) candle can make those seemingly shorter days feel much more bearable and your home much comfier.

Best Candles for Winter

best winter candles
Byredo Bibliothèque Candle — $90.00

Byredo is best known for its fragrances, but the candles are just as amazing. Bibliothèque features a mix of peach, plum, vanilla, leather, and patchouli, perfect for burning on a cold, winter day.

best winter candles
Forvr Mood Cuffing Season Candle — $27.00

When Jackie Aina isn’t giving us tutorials on how to better apply our makeup, she’s ideating some of the most amazing smelling candles. If you didn’t already know, cuffing season is in full effect and this candle, featuring notes of fresh ozone, iris, and douglas fir, will help you set the mood and finalize your roster.

best winter candles
Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Candle — $36.00

Honestly, this candle is perfect for any season. It has an earthy and woody scent, but it’s not too light or too strong. This candle features notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and amber wood. Warning: You’re going to get so many compliments on this candle.

best winter candles
Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Scented Candle — $36.00

If you love Boy Smells, Cashmere Kush is a go-to scent for the winter. It’s got a smoky aroma featuring notes of dried pot flower, cashmere wood, white amber, and powdery musk.

Harlem Candle Co. After Dark Luxury Candle
Harlem Candle Co. After Dark Luxury Candle — $48.00

Celebrate the Harlem Renaissance with this luxurious candle that will fill your home with warm, woody scents. It’s a blend of bergamot, golden saffron, oak, amber musk, and more, and it has a burn time of up to 80 hours. Get ready to sit back and relax once you light this candle.

best winter candles
Aesop Aganice Candle — $110.00

If you want something that feels like winter but not too heavy, Aesop’s Aganice is a great option. It has floral, spicy, and fresh notes, so you can burn it in cold weather but also as the seasons begin to change.

Diptique Neige
Diptique Neige — $84.00

This wintry-themed candle is perfect to light up when you’re curling up inside on a snowy day. The votive’s gold stars are designed to glow when the candle is lit, and the candle will fill your room with the scents of heliotrope and white musks.

Byredo Symphonique Candle
Byredo Symphonique Candle — $90.00

It may be cold outside, but the scent of this candle will make your home feel beyond warm and cozy. It’s a symphony for your senses, combining warm and spicy notes like bitter orange, anise, beeswax, ginger, clove, and cedarwood leaves.

best winter candles
Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Scented Candle — $65.00

If you’re a fan of the Maison Margiela Replica fragrance, you might want to stock up on this candle. According to the reviews, it’s a mix of masculine and feminine and has a long-lasting throw that isn’t overbearing. The key notes are pink pepper, rum absolute, and tobacco leaf absolute.

best winter candles
Anecdote Candles Adulting — $26.00

Whatever your definition of adulting is, this candle will soothe your senses. It smells like fig and cashmere and is described as clean, sophisticated, and earthy on the Anecdote website.

Otherland, Silk Pajamas — $36.00

Otherland Silk Pajamas smells like a night spent inside, watching movies after spending the day baking holiday cookies. It’s got notes of crystal ginger, bergamot, and spiced yuzu. It’s the perfect understated holiday candle to light, and it’s got a 50-hour burn time.

beauty pie candle
Beauty Pie Bitter Orange — $70.00

We love Beauty Pie for discounted, luxury-level skin care and makeup, but we also love the subscription service for its candles. This was sells for 70 if you don’t have a membership, but it’s only $21 if you do have one. Well worth it either way, since this candle smells like compote filled to the brim with orange peels brought to life with clove and nutmeg, as well as blackcurrant for a bit of nuance.


P.F. Candle Spruce
P.F. Candle Spruce — $24.00

This will pluck your body from wherever you are and place you in the middle of a forest. It smells of citrus, blue spruce, snow powder, cedarwood, and pine, for a nice woodsy blend you won’t even have to step outside for.

white company winter candle
The White Company Winter Signature Candle — $26.00

Another holiday classic candle that blends cinnamon, clove, and orange to create a warm and spicy scent in the air, the Winter Signature candle by the White Company is potent enough to fill your whole home with the smell of the holidays.

If you aren't ready for the cold weather but admittedly love the holidays, like Christmas, we've rounded up some of the best-smelling candles that are reminiscent of all the things you actually enjoy about winter, aka everything Christmas-related. These candles smell so good, you won't want to stop burning them. Check out our favorites ahead.

Best Christmas Candles

best winter candles
Diptyque Feu De Bois / Wood Fire Candle — $105.00

If Christmas were a scent, it’d be Feu De Bois from Diptyque. You’ll want to burn this all winter long as you cozy up by the fire, under a blanket, or next to your partner.

best winter candles
Boy Smells Cinderose Scented Candle — $36.00

This cinderose candle is a mix between rose and earthy scents like smoke, cedar, and birch tar. They may not sound like they would work well together, but we promise you won’t want to stop burning this candle.

best winter candles
Lomar Farms White Birch Candle — $35.00

If the smell of pine transports you to a winter wonderland, you’re going to love this white birch candle from Lomar Farms. In addition to traditional pine scents, it also features notes of eucalyptus, cypress, cedarwood, and patchouli.

best winter candles
Nest New York Holiday Scented Candle — $46.00

It’s time to pull out your favorite holiday decorations and that includes candles to get the full effect. As you probably guessed, this is a holiday scent, featuring a blend of pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and amber.

Forvr Mood Mood Holly Berry Candle
Forvr Mood Mood Holly Berry Candle — $38.00

If you love Christmas and all the feelings the holiday evokes, this Forvr Mood Holly Berry candle will add to it. It’s a cozy candle and has notes of cranberry, cardamom, and fresh pine.

DS Durga
D.S. Durga Portable Christmas Tree — $65.00

The candle that sells out every year: You better be quick to add to cart, otherwise it’ll be gone before you know it. D.S. Durga Portable Christmas Tree has the mystical capability to transport you back to the Christmas of your childhood—when pine trees smelled so much more than pine trees. You get whiffs of spruce, sure, but you also get crowded rooms filled with family and laughter and that feeling at six a.m. right before you got to tear into all your presents. D.S. Durga captures Christmas so well it aches.

Homesick Holiday Stroll Candle
Homesick Holiday Stroll Candle — $29.00

With notes of red currents, sugar plums, blackberries, winter rose, and sandalwood, this Homesick candle will remind you of taking a lovely holiday stroll (or holiday window shopping). The soy wax blend candle has a burn time of 60-80 hours, to keep the holiday spirit going throughout the season.

Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle
Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle — $27.00

One of the great things about the holidays is all of the treats, including candy canes. This candle not only smells like peppermint, but also has scents of freshly baked butter cookies, for a truly festive feel. Bonus: it comes in a candy-cane themed tin you can use as fun decor during the season (or all year round).

Bath & Body Works 'Tis the Season Candle
Bath & Body Works 'Tis the Season Candle — $27.00

Having Bath & Body Works in your home is comforting and nostalgic, and this candle will continue to remind you ’tis the season with its fruity scent. The candle has an adorable design and will fill your room and heart with notes of red apple, sweet cinnamon, and cedarwood.

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