If Frizz Is Public Enemy Number One Right Now, Avoid This Ingredient in the Shower

Photo: Getty Images/Peter Amend
Summer may get all the credit for being frizzy hair season, but fun fact, your strands are just as likely to look dry and poofy during the winter, too. This time of year, though, the culprit isn't heat and humidity–it's alcohol. So in addition to ditching the booze-fueled cocktails honor of dry January, you may want to consider going alcohol-free in your hair products, too.

You know how parched your entire body feels the morning after you drink a little bit too much red wine? Well, the same principle applies to when you use it in your hair. "Alcohol is super dehydrating and drying when used on hair. It strips hair of its moisture, leaving strands dry and brittle, and therefore, more prone to frizz," says Tommy Buckett, a celebrity stylist with Garnier. Commonly, alcohol can be found in hairsprays, shampoos, and texturizers, and the damage from repeated use doesn't just stop with frizz. According to Buckett, over time, alcohol can also lead to breakage and damage the cuticle (or the outermost layer of hair), which can result in everything from compromised hair color to a hair elasticity issues.

While you're scanning your product labels to ensure they don't include alcohol, he suggests looking for ultra-nourishing ingredients instead. A few faves? Coconut oil, castor seed oil, aloe extract, and jojoba extract. He's been loving Garnier Hydrating Treat Shampoo and Conditioner ($6, each), and our editors echo that loud and clear (FWIW: we're also loving the Prose Frizz Reducing Oil, $42).

Some other ways to avoid frizz this time of year? Comb hair with a wide-toothed comb while it's still wet, dry with a T-shirt or microfiber towel (since the fabric is nicer to strands than usual towel material), and be mindful of how frequently heat style (and how high the heat is as well). Then you're on your way to frizz-free days on repeat.

Another ultra-nutritious ingredient that'll nourish and de-frizz strands? Avocado oil. And be sure to keep an eye on this other shower culprit that could be dying out strands. 

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