Los Angeles Has a New High-Vibe, Ladies-Only Clubhouse

Photo: Mel Blanchard
If there’s been one good thing about the past year, it’s the fact that Mean Girls vibes have officially become passé. From the big love felt at the worldwide women’s marches to the rise of dude-free co-working spaces, competition is clearly out and collaboration is in.

The latest proof of this phenomenon is WMN Space, a new destination in Los Angeles for women—and only women—to learn, heal, and act as each other’s pep squad. (Minus the cattiness of your high school cheer team.)

Photo: Mel Blanchard

Founder Paula Mallis, a doula and women’s circle facilitator, conceived of the idea after years of bringing women together in her Venice Beach home. Her vision: to create a wellness hub that allows women to recharge and amplify their energy in order to be of more service in the world.

According to Mallis, the timing of WMN Space’s debut couldn’t be better. “We’re in the Aquarian age, which [gives us] more of an opportunity to link deeper into the feminine and the matriarchal way,” she says. “It wasn’t odd that we spent a lot of time together as women in ancient times. This is how we used to live.”

Although the seriously stunning space has only been open for a week, its calendar is already full of moon circles, movement and meditation classes, pre- and post-natal workshops, and more. And judging from the big transformations seen by guests of Mallis’ at-home powwows—from new partners and babies to job opportunities and increased cash flow—they’ll likely be in high demand.

“You saw it at the marches—women from all over feel this pull to connect, because when we’re together, magic happens."

“You saw it at the marches—women from all over feel this pull to connect, because when we’re together, magic happens,” Mallis proclaims. “So much more is possible when we are gathering together, versus individually living on our own.”

So what, exactly, can you expect from this ethereal wellness haven? Keep reading for four things you need to know about WMN Space.

Photo: Mel Blanchard
Photo: Mel Blanchard

Pregnancy will be a big focus

As a doula, mother-baby work is Mallis’ sweet spot. That’s why there will be ample programming dedicated to all things pregnancy.

In addition to Mallis’ monthly pre- and post-natal circles and private consultations, WMN Space will also offer somatic bodywork, pre-natal yoga, and childbirth education led by the founder’s midwife and doula friends. Mallis will also be offering her popular Conscious Conception workshops for women who are prepping for pregnancy, either naturally or through IVF. “It’s about getting them emotionally and spiritually ready for the process,” Mallis explains.

Photo: Lauren Moore

But you don’t have to be knocked up to hang

No babies on the horizon any time soon? No problem—Mallis has enlisted a crew of teachers and healers who will offer open-to-everyone workshops and events.

There will be conscious movement classes designed to get you in touch with your body, led by Take Care Spa founder Sadie Adams and “kitchen healer” (and former hip-hop dancer) Jules Blaine Davis. There will be hands-on healing courtesy of two Grinberg Method practitioners, who blend bodywork and talk therapy for deep catharsis. And Morgan Yakus will be offering regular hypnosis workshops, while clean beauty expert Jessa Blades is also developing some classes.

But perhaps the most eagerly anticipated offerings, at least at first, will be Mallis’ new and full moon circles, which have been waitlist-only as of late. These typically involve a discussion about the current astro energy, journaling, and group sharing. “I have women show up in packs and they go to dinner before,” she says. “So much amazing stuff has shifted in the circle.” (Didn't we tell you these gatherings are the new girls' night out?)

Photo: Lauren Moore

There’s a “vaginapractor” in residence (no joke)

Yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like—essentially, a chiropractor for your vagina.

Crazy as it may sound, Mallis insists healer Kimberly Johnson’s work is totally legit. “As women, some of us are so disconnected from our body parts,” she says. “Kimberly is really good at educating and empowering us to live fully as women, and she does that through the physical.”

For pregnant clients, Johnson does something called “birth mapping,” a hands-on (or, in this case, hands-in) technique that teaches women how to push effectively. She’s also a sexologist who can assist with non-pregnancy issues, like difficulty achieving orgasm.

Mallis has experienced birth mapping personally and says it was “very peaceful”; she says even super-conservative clients have been transformed by the work, despite their hesitations. In fact, Johnson—who will be working from WMN Space once a month—is almost completely booked for her first day of sessions.

Photo: Lauren Moore

Oh, yes—there will be shopping

WMN Space looks a lot like Mallis’ knockout of a home, which isn’t surprising when you consider her designer/builder husband was responsible for both. And thanks to a thoughtfully curated retail nook, you’re able to bring a little piece of the magic to your place, too.

Mallis says each item on offer comes from a “conscious community” of artisans—think Moon Juice dusts, organic muslin blankets, Incausa home fragrance, and pottery from Merchant Modern.

“As women, we love adornment,” she reasons. “Plus, it’s important to gift ourselves.” As if these dreamy digs—and the alchemy that's occurring there—weren’t enough of a gift.

WMN Space, 10764 Washington Blvd., 2nd Floor, Culver City, CA 90232, wmnspace.com

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