Here’s What the Year’s First Full Wolf Moon Means for Your Astrological Sign

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The first full moon of the decade, nicknamed the wolf moon, is happening in Cancer on January 10 at 2:21 p.m., EST, and it's also a powerful lunar eclipse. What that means for you is that you'd be wise to prepare to be in your feelings more than Drake. "It’s going to be an emotional full moon during an intense time, when several astrological cycles are culminating all at once. Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto are all meeting up with the sun in Capricorn," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. "The moon opposes them all, which points to a lot of tension."

Since all of these planets are in positions of opposition, the moon doesn't get to express itself fully, resulting in you also not expressing yourself fully. "You may feel restricted in expressing your emotions or you could feel judged. With this awareness, realize others are going through the same thing, so judge less and accept more," Lang says.

"You may feel restricted in expressing your emotions or you could feel judged. With this awareness, realize others are going through the same thing, so judge less and accept more." —Rachel Lang, astrologer.

The eclipse component of this wolf moon could mean you see some tension in your relationships. "Minor misunderstandings could become big blowups. If you want to avoid saying or doing something you’ll regret, take time for self-care. Journal, get a massage, take a walk on the beach, have a full-moon ritual, or meditate," Lang says. "The more you can honor your inner voice, the less you will need to be drawn into outer conflict."

To avoid becoming self-consumed during this transit, try to be especially compassionate and understanding of others' perspectives. "Volunteering to help a cause or doing something to see yourself as being part of a bigger global community will help you navigate the emotional ups and downs," she adds. Keep reading to see Lang's horoscope for your sign.

Here's what the year's first full wolf moon means for your sign


Temper your temper! Your ruling planet Mars is in the mix, making this a day during which your passion could be at an all-time high. Channel it into things you love, or into your professional pursuits. Avoid reckless behavior, like picking unnecessary fights.


This full moon will not be as hard for you as others. You’ll be the grounded one and the support person for others going through hard times. Make time for yourself, though, because you could feel burnt out. If you’re working on something difficult, don’t give up. Hang in there, because your work will pay off.


You feel more sensitive to others’ energy, picking up vibes as if a giant antenna were picking up on everything around you. Don’t let that energy weigh you down or distract you from what’s important. If you feel fired up, perhaps your anger is justified. Be conscious about how to direct it. Keep in mind that we’re all going to be more sensitive than usual and that this can be a very creative time for you.


Your ruler, the moon, is facing a lot of opposition. So, too, are you. You could feel as if others are against you, even though things are just fine. Your perception will color everything this day, so try to keep a positive mind-set. It's a very emotional day, so let the tears fall if you need the release. There’s a lot of deep, personal change represented by the transits of the day. Stay open to whatever happens, and ride the wave.


There’s a lot of drama represented by these transits, but you don’t have to feed it. If others try to draw you in to help with their challenges, stay as neutral as possible, without taking sides. This lunar eclipse could encourage you to let go of something or some way of being that doesn’t serve you any longer.


This lunar eclipse could motivate you and spark your creativity. You could find yourself busy with work, but try not to get too overwhelmed. During intense times, you could worry about more than usual. Try to avoid this by spending time in meditation to foster a sense of peace.


This is one of the more challenging times of the year for you, and you could feel pulled in different directions. No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to avoid conflict. Move through it gracefully, doing what you do best: being open to see all sides and all perspectives, which may open you up to see new professional opportunities. In addition to work, dynamics are also shifting at home, so look toward healing family relationships.


Be gentle with others at all times, including during arguments. You might feel more emotional, so if tears come, let them flow. Others may rely on you for support during this time. Though you may seem like the strong one, it’s okay to be vulnerable. This is a time to communicate and connect with others and build community.


This wolf moon isn’t as intense for you as it is for many other signs. Mars is in your sign, so you have heightened motivation and energy. Keep going strong and don’t give up. Financial matters could feel more intense, but opportunities may present themselves to you as a result.


Since now is when you’ll see a culmination result of all you’ve worked on for years, everything you do right now matters. So, don’t waste time or energy on anything that doesn’t excite, inspire, or challenge you. Think big, and dream big during this time of manifestation.


With Venus in your sign, lunar eclipse full wolf moon might feel gentle to you. After all, Venus is the planet of harmony and balance. During this mystical time, you could have prophetic dreams or spiritual encounters.


This full wolf moon inspires you to create a new vision for your future. You could feel more connected with community and a desire to volunteer and become more involved in general. Others may rely on you to be the strong and stoic, but it’s okay to let your guard down.

Originally published on January 9, 2020; updated on February 24, 2020

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