If You Like Orgasms and a Good Deal, You’ll Love That the Womanizer Starlet Is 30% Off

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If you're looking for a good way to pass the time, we've got a great suggestion: Get yourself the Womanizer Starlet and orgasm until there is no tomorrow. (And because this is real life and there is a tomorrow, just do it all over again then—you have our blessing). Currently, the Womanizer Starlet clitoral stimulator, which is a suction toy, is 30 percent off on Lovehoney, and if you're a fan of orgasms, that's simply not a deal worth passing up. In fact, even if you already own the original Womanizer, the Starlet is still a great addition to your pleasure chest thanks to its compact (read: travel-friendly) design that doesn't compromise on power.

With four intensity levels, you can pick your own pleasure adventure and decide how much stimulation you can handle. And thanks to its ergonomic design, you can easily hold it between your thighs (it's possible to even go hands-free and let your thigh muscles do the work).

Experts In This Article

Furthermore, the beauty of Womanizer's patented PleasureAir Technology, which the Starlet gloriously uses, is that it stimulates the clitoris with gentle pressure suction waves without even making any contact. It's also quite adept at targeting a number of other erogenous zones, including the nipples. Sign. Us. Up.

Why clitoral stimulators are great toys for pleasure seekers

So, you're interested in the Womanizer Starlet, but not sold on what a suction toy stands to offer you? Well, experts say the fastest way for a vulva-owner to climax is via clitoral stimulation, and clitoral suction toys are a great tool for facilitating that type of pleasure. "These toys are so appealing, as they’re a quick and powerful path to orgasm for many folks with [a clitoris], especially those who love external clitoral stimulation," says Jess O'Reilly, PhD, sexologist and host of Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast.

Moreover, clit suction toys are a great option if you struggle to achieve orgasm with other styles of clitoris-focused sex toys, like wand vibrators. "Suction toys…work in a similar way to penis pumps and draw blood to the area," says sex coach and sexologist Ness Cooper, who adds that this difference can help many people achieve orgasm who otherwise don't, or don't easily.

Can you use the Womanizer Starlet during partnered sex?

Short answer? It depends. Well, it depends namely on your position.

"Suction sex toys can be great to use with a partner but the shape of some of them, like the Womanizer Starlet, can be tricky to use in some positions," Cooper says. "Using [it] during doggy style is probably the easiest if you're wanting to use them during penetrative sex. Remember, it's always worth trying positions that you think will work for you and your partner as you may find a new favorite, and if not, you can just laugh off any silliness and continue the flow of sex with intimate flirting and a new position."

What reviewers have to say about the Womanizer Starlet

And the reviews don't lie. One Lovehoney customer wrote, "I have never felt pleasure like it. Very powerful and even made me squirt for the first time. Highly recommend." Another, who titled their review, "Came 3X in less than 5 minutes...buy it!" raved, "Before now, I have only ever owned traditional vibrators. This clit stimulator is next level. There are several speeds that each have their own purpose. The highest/second-highest is great to achieve climax, but once you get there, the lower speeds keep stimulated without being overpowering or irritating when your clit is still in a very sensitive state after climaxing. This toy is small but is very powerful, highly recommend it!"

Enough said.

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