The 8 Best Wordle Alternatives To Tease Your Brain

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Wordle, the word puzzle that everyone you know is obsessed with, is simple: You have six chances to guess the five-letter word of the day. After each guess, the tiles change colors to show you how close you are to the word. But you can only play once per day because the game doesn't reset until the following morning. This is a serious bummer to those of us who are used to being able to binge pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime. When you need MORE PUZZLES NOW, try one of these Wordle alternatives to stimulate your brain.

Not only are they fun, word puzzles are also good for your brain. “Our brains shrink or atrophy slowly over time, primarily in the white matter, where connections between brain areas are located,” board-certified neurologist Ethan Russo, MD, previously told Well+Good. These connections are necessary for optimal brain function; the more of them you lose, the more cognition you lose. Puzzles act like exercises for your brain, challenging your mind and strengthening those cognitive connections, which can help prevent decline.

8 Wordle alternatives to try

1. Nerdle

This game swaps letters for numbers, and the objective is to guess a mathematical equation. Like Wordle, the color of the tiles change after each guess to show you where you got things right. Oh, and you can't just go plugging in numbers—your guesses have to be equations that actually work.

2. Worldle

In this Wordle alternative, you are shown an outline of a country and given six chances to correctly guess the nation. After each turn, it shows you the distance your guess is from the answer.

3. Lewdle

This game is basically Wordle with profanity, meaning all of the answers are dirty. It's very fun, IMHO.

4. Crosswordle

Wordle meets Sudoku in this game, where the objective is to fill in the grid with the correct letters.

5. Queerdle

This game calls itself the "yassification of Wordle," and every day there is a new word between four and eight letters to guess. All of them are related to LGBTQ+ culture and community.

6. Quordle

For those looking for an extra challenge, try this game. Instead of trying to figure out one word, you have to figure out four words simultaneously.

7. Dordle

There's also Dordle, which requires you to figure out two words simultaneously.

8. Sweardle

Every day, there's a new four-letter swear word to guess in this explicit Wordle alternative.

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