25 Wellness Gifts for the Work-From-Home Warrior on the Cusp of Burning Out

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Working from home definitely has its perks, like flexible-ish hours and furry coworkers, but it’s not always sunshine and sweatpants. Some remote workers end up working double and triple their usual hours. All that that time focusing in a home office (if they have one) can feel isolating after a while without having coworkers to remind you to take breaks, eat lunch, or use that backlog of unused PTO. That's why thoughtful work from home gifts can make a big difference.

The holidays are the perfect time to boost their WFH routine by helping them stave off burnout with a gift that supports a healthy work-life balance. Something that creates a space for self care throughout the day and inspires them to step away from their inbox for a bit. Or, something that makes digging through that inbox or scheduling Zoom meetings a bit more enjoyable while they're doing it.

Below, find delightful work-from-home gifts for the WFH warrior on your list, guaranteed to give them a moment of peace, joy, or pause when they need it most.

Wellness gifts for the WFH warrior on the cusp of burning out

centr recovery kit, one of the best work from home gifts
Centr, Recovery Kit — $50.00

Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on our bodies, so squeezing in a little active recovery throughout the workday can make a big difference. This set from Centr (yes, it’s Chris Hemsworth’s brand, and double-yes, that makes this box really nice to look at) comes with a foam roller, three trigger point balls, a massage stick, and a stretch strap. Plus, your purchase includes three months of the Centr digital fitness app, which includes tons of guided workouts, meal plans, and recovery sessions.

Salton, Mug Warmer With LED Light — $25.00

You know the feeling—you’re just settling into your morning work flow when you reach for your steaming cup of coffee only to discover it’s now cool as cucumber bisque. Fear not, caffeine lovers! This mug warmer from Salton will help keep your drink nice and toasty all morning long.

Vuori performance jogger as a work from home gift
Vuori, Performance Jogger — $94.00

Available sizes: XXS-XXL

The first rule of working from home: soft pants only. The Performance Joggers from Vuori (the cool athleisure brand you’ve seen all over TikTok) boasts a buttery soft, stretchy material that feels like you’re wearing your favorite leggings, but are an elevated take on joggers. Wear them to the gym, or make them your new WFH uniform.

Colors: 15 options

the sill philodendron plant on a grey background, best work from home gifts
The Sill, Philodendron — $78.00

Fun fact: Having plants around is incredibly soothing, and caring for them is an act of self care in and of itself. Philodendrons are easy, low-maintenance houseplants that don’t need much to thrive—they can be watered every 1 to 2 weeks, and can even survive in low light conditions. And they double as air purifiers that remove toxins with their trailing, leafy vines.

woman using alltrails app to navigate a hike, a great work from home gift
AllTrails, Pro Subscription — $36.00

Getting outside is the ultimate burnout remedy. By giving an AllTrails subscription as a gift, you’ll be gifting unfettered access to the best outdoor trails, so they’ll basically have to get up from their desk and get outdoors. With the Pro subscription, busy bees can download maps directly to their phones to stay on course, even when they’re offline. No matter where their WFH base is, AllTrails includes trail ideas from paved paths to mountain adventures, so there’s something for everyone. The app will alert them automatically if they make a wrong turn, so there’s no getting lost (unless they want to, of course.) With so much to explore, convincing them to go back to work will be the hard part.

A person wearing normatec go compression sleeves, one of the best work from home gifts
Normatec, Go Compression System — $399.00

Normatec’s compression boots are an incredible recovery tool, but they can take up a lot of space. Luckily, the brand recently released the Normatec Go, which takes the same squeezy-goodness and significantly reduces the device’s footprint to a calf sleeve. All you have to do is put them on via the large velcro strap, select your duration (15, 30, 45, or 30 minutes), and choose from 7 intensity levels. Well + Good contributing writer, Jamey Powell, says she regularly wears them while working at her desk. “They’re quiet enough that they’re not distracting and the massage feels so good on my legs while I type away!”

shark wandvac handheld vacuum work from home gift
Shark, Wandvac Cordless Handheld Vacuum — $130.00

Whatever their WFH setup looks like, there’s no doubt it gets dirty (especially if they eat at their desk). This sleek, cordless vacuum from Shark can help keep that home office clean, without taking up a ton of space. Plus, it comes with three attachments to tackle various surfaces.

a cream stanley adventure quencher cup with straw, best work from home gifts
Stanley, Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler with Straw — $55.00

Make sure your workhorse friend is staying hydrated by gifting them the covetable Stanley Adventure Tumbler. On top of carrying a liter of water, it boats a convenient handle and is cup-holder friendly—a rarity for tumblers of this size that makes it worth every penny. Factor in the double-wall vacuum insulation, spill-proof lid, and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe, and you’re going to want to snag one for yourself too.

dusen dusen everybody timer on a light grey background, best work from home gifts
Dusen Dusen, Everybody Timer — $48.00

For the friend who has a hard time penciling in breaks, the Pomodoro Technique can help. In short, it entails working in timed, 25-minute increments, with 5-minute breaks in between each. The goal is to create time to recharge throughout your daily routine to avoid overstimulation and burnout. This Dusen Dusen timer is the perfect Pomodoro partner and gives a cheery dopamine boost any overworked worker will appreciate.

ostrichpillow neck wrap as a work from home gift
Ostrichpillow, Heated Neck Wrap — $45.00

A must-have after being hunched over a computer all day, this soothing neck wrap uses natural clay beads to deliver lasting warmth and just the right amount of pressure to your neck and shoulders. Heat it up in the microwave and wear it warm to relax muscles and combat soreness, or store it in the freezer and wear it cold for refreshing pain relief.

ansel glass table lamp on a stack of books as a work from home gift
Urban Outfitters, Ansel Glass Table Lamp — $99.00

Bright task lighting is out, and warm, ambient light is in—especially if you’re working from home. Not only does this curvy, vintage inspired table lamp bring major design points to a home workspace, it fills the room in a soft, warm glow that’s a comforting departure from harsh desk lamps.

a bamboo desk organizer, a great work from home gift
Furninxs, Desk Organizer — $30.00

Keeping your workplace organized is key for WFH harmony. This desktop organizer is made from bamboo and includes adjustable shelves and storage drawers so every little knicknack, pen, and paperclip can find its home.

the work wellness deck on a white background, best work from home gifts
Landra Bickley Eliopoulos, The Work Wellness Deck — $19.00

We firmly believe this handy deck should be stashed in every workers desk, remote or otherwise. Every card has a prompt designed to help you de-stress throughout your workday. From taking a 20-minute meditation break to stepping away from your screen to visualize your next vacation without guilt, these actionable exercises are a mindful way to inject some self care into the work day and prevent burnout.

knock knock to do notepad on a white background, best work from home gifts
Knock Knock, To Do Pad — $11.00

To keep your WFH warrior from feeling overwhelmed throughout the day this Knock Knock notepad helps break up your work day into organized lists—from important to-dos and correspondences, to errands and notes that pop up on calls. Turns out, writing a list really does make you feel better!

motorized standing desk with a keyboard, mouse, and computer monitor on it, on a white background, best work from home gifts
SHW, Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk — $140.00

If you really want to splurge, a standing desk is well worth the investment in your recipient’s wellbeing at work. This one from Amazon is on the affordable end compared to other standing desk models, and has 4 memory pre-set options for quick and easy adjustment throughout the day. The durable steel frame is powered by an electrical lift system that raises the desk smoothly from sitting to standing height.

sunny health & fitness under desk elliptical work from home gift
Sunny Health & Fitness, Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical — $140.00

Sitting is… the worst. If standing desks or walking pads aren’t the vibe for your WFH giftee, an under-desk elliptical is a super low-profile way to get a little extra movement in. This one from Sunny Health & Fitness includes eight magnetic resistance levels and a digital monitor that tracks distance, speed, and time.

courant catch 3 charging tray on a table with a phone, keys, and necklace on it, best work from home wellness gifts
Courant, Catch:3 Wireless Phone Charger + Accessory Tray — $100.00

To avoid a cluttered workspace and the even more annoying drained phone battery, this Courant charging tray is an essential desktop accessory. A fast and reliable wireless charger and catch-all tray in one, the linen lined Catch:3 will be the new resting place for their phone and beloved personal items. Think: desk hand cream (doesn’t everyone have one of those?), favorite highlighters, AirPods, and stray lip balms.

out of office book cover, best work from home gifts
"Out of Office" by Charlie Warzel and Anne Helen Petersen — $17.00

Originally $27, now $17

Out of Office is core reading for everyone, whether you’re a remote worker struggling to navigate your relationship with working from home, or someone who works in-office who’s debating whether they should (or can) make the switch. It examines the pitfalls of remote (and in-office work) and posits new, equitable ways forward that prioritize your happiness and wellbeing. If achieving a healthy work-life balance has ever been a pain point for you or the person you’re shopping for, you’re going to want to pick this one up!

dearfoams bootie slippers in a dark charcoal color on a white background, a great work from home wellness gift
Dearfoams, Warm Up Bootie Slipper — $35.00

Available sizes: S-XL

These cozy bootie slippers are one of Oprah’s favorite things, and they’re podiatrist-approved, which means they’re 100 percent good enough for anyone on your holiday shopping list. They’ve got a thermoplastic rubber sole that offers just the right amount of tread for quick jaunts to the mailbox, and memory foam insoles that deliver the support you need for comfortable, all-day wear. What’s more, the plush lining is super breathable which means no sweaty feet, and they’re machine washable for easy cleaning. They’ll be a fast footwear favorite for anyone working from home.

Colors: 6

keys soulcare candle on a white background
Keys Soulcare, Sage + Oat Milk Candle — $39.00

Everyone knows what a powerful de-stressing tool scent can be, and the warm, comforting aroma of this Keys Soulcare candle is like the hug your burnt-out friend could really use. With notes of calming clary sage, and the sweet, soft scent of oat milk, this relaxing candle helps you decompress and find your center with every burn. According to reviews, the candle’s aroma “throws” without overpowering your space—and some shoppers even compared the scent to that of a luxe hotel, which we firmly stand behind.

baloo weighted throw blanket on a wood surface, a great work from home wellness gift
Baloo, Weighted Throw Blanket — $179.00

Because there are few things more satisfying than crawling under your favorite blanket after a long, stressful workday, give the workaholic in your life the coziest weighted blanket around. Baloo’s best-selling throw blanket is made of a super soft, yet breathable cotton (with zero synthetic liners) and filled with glass microbeads that give the blanket its 12 lb. weight. The tightly knit pattern keeps the filling in place to prevent pooling and drapes comfortably over your bed or couch for stress-relieving cuddles whenever you need.

damdam cosmetics basket, a great work from home gift
DamDam, Cleansing & Hydrating Bestseller Set Bento Box — $42.00

Gone are the days of heavy foundation and mascara we’d apply to go into the office—we’ve swapped that with skin care that works overtime to give us clearer, brighter, healthier skin. One new-ish brand we’ve been continuously impressed with this year is DamDam, a Japanese skin-care company that meticulously chooses ingredients that infuses skin with long-lasting nourishment. This set includes all the basics your giftee needs to get acquainted with the brand’s magical offerings including a cleanser, hydrating mist, moisturizer, and makeup remover (if they’re still wearing it.) Plus, it comes in this super giftable box!


intelligentsia coffee, a work from home gift
Intelligentsia, Coffee Subscription

Spice up their morning with new blends of coffee they can look forward to. We love Intelligentsia’s coffee subscription, as it curates the highest-quality, freshest (always roasted to order) beans and ground coffee. Choose between four types of subscriptions: Intelligentsia’s Choice, Intelligentsia Classics, Blends & Espresso, and Intelligentsia’s Seasonal Select. Pick the frequency and quantity, and you’re all set to go.



beast blender with a melon slice, one of the best work from home wellness gifts
Beast Blender — $165.00

Meet your smoothie habit’s new best friend. For anyone working from home who’d rather make their own smoothies for breakfast or post-workout (or whenever), the Beast Blender is the best blender upgrade you could give someone. It’s especially great for making smoothies with ice or frozen produce—often times other blenders will struggle powering through blending colder chunks, but not the Beast. It’s super powerful, and it blends fast. We also love that it comes with a to-go lid, so you can make your smoothie in the barrel and then just screw on the drinking lid, which has a handle on top (the blades aren’t attached to the barrel). No pouring required.


cosabella pajama set, a work from home gift
Cosabella, Bella Printed Pajama Set — $150.00

The key to a productive work day? A good night’s sleep, which is exactly what they’ll get when snuggling up in these chic pajamas. Made from puppy-ear soft Pima cotton, they’re as comfortable as they are stylish and will instantly relax your giftee the moment they put them on. And, they’re a nice swap from the classic stripes or polka dots most PJs come in—choose from 11 fun prints, like bright paisley, pretty palms, or these flowery elephants.

How to choose the right work from home gift

Consider their lifestyle outside of work

If you know your giftee is active outside of work, they'll certainly love a gift that helps them prioritize their recovery while on the job. The recovery and hydration tools on our list are great picks for fitness-minded folks!

Don't clutter their space (unless they like it that way)

Think twice before getting a plant or a cute little desk tchotchke—are they the kind of worker that prefers a personalized space or a bare-bones desk?

Deliver with care

While most of the gifts on our list are pretty neutral, some are more on-the-nose (like the Out of Office book or Work Wellness Deck). Whatever you choose, be sure to present your gift in a way that says "I hope this brightens your work week" and not "You work way too much."

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