If You’re Working From Home, This Supportive Backrest Pillow Is a Must-Have

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We're about two years into this pandemic, and I am among those fortunate enough to still be working from home. Although I've perfected my desk setup, there are still days when I work from bed. Yes, I know it's not great for my posture or my productivity, but it's comfy. Especially now that I have a backrest pillow, fondly known as a "husband" pillow (since this is an outdated term, feel free to call it anything you want—"wife" pillow, "partner" pillow, you get the idea).

Backrest pillows give you the support and comfort of a chair pretty much anywhere. Not only do they make it easier to lounge upright, but they provide armrests, putting you in a great position to type. If you enjoy sitting on the floor, you can make the experience really comfortable with one of these pillows. Or, if you're like me and love to work from bed, this pillow will prop you up nicely. Is this the most ergonomic option? No. Would a chiropractor be super happy with this setup? Probably not. Is working from bed bad for your back? Probably. But since you're probably going to do it anyway, it's better to do it with as much support as possible. Shop a few options below.

The best backrest pillows to shop

Home Expressions Velvet Backrest, backrest pillow
Home Expressions Velvet Backrest — $33.00

Available in this pale pink, golden yellow, rusty orangey-brown, and dark green, this velvet pillow is perfect for adding a muted pop of color. The filling is 100 percent polyester.

Kensington Garden Hyatt Bed Rest Pillow, backrest pillow
Kensington Garden Hyatt Bed Rest Pillow — $50.00

This plush pillow is made from a super soft, nylon microfiber fabric that is stain and water-resistant, allowing it to look great in your space for years to come. It’s filled with a soft, poly fiber that’s made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s available in this moss, cream, scarlet, and denim blue.

L.L.Bean Wicked L.L.Bean Wicked Plush BackrestPlush Backrest
L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Backrest — $60.00

Covered in L.L.Bean’s bestselling Wicked Plush polyester fabric, this backrest pillow is perfect for working from home. The fill is also polyester and it’s available in this ivory and taupe. It features a built-in side pocket to help keep the essentials handy.

Room Essentials Sherpa Bed Rest Pillow
Room Essentials Sherpa Bed Rest Pillow — $18.00

Get cozy with this sherpa backrest pillow that features a soft, fluffy filling. It’s available in a variety of colors including this light gray, cream, and orange.

Sharper Image Warming Backrest Massager, backrest pillow
Sharper Image Warming Backrest Massager — $140.00

If you want to get really fancy, snag this backrest from Sharper Image. In addition to providing support, it warms up, features two levels of soothing vibration, a gooseneck LED reading lamp, and side pockets.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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