Rebecca Minkoff on Why the Idea of Work-Life Balance Is Complete and Total BS

As pretty much any millennial will tell you, the concept of work-life balance is total bullsh*t. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea that you have to kill it at work, and be the best significant other and friend in the world, and regularly drop off your dry-cleaning, and spend quality time with your children (hello, burnout), not to worry: Rebecca Minkoff wants you to know that it is totally fine.

In our latest installment of The Avocado Show (Like! Subscribe! Share!), the world-renowned fashion designer chats about everything from her biggest dreams to her involvement in the Female Founder Collective, all while chowing on her favorite avocado dish at Egg Shop in Brooklyn. And as much as she loves a good breakfast bowl and the idea of women supporting other women (and really, who doesn't?), if there's one thing she hates it's people expecting work, life, or anything in-between to be "balanced."

"That's a dirty word," she says. "I think balance is a word that was made up by a man, or a mean woman, to make us feel like failures. So I like to say 'hustle.'"

She continues: "A friend of mine coined that term, 'It's a beautiful hustle,' and I really feel that for me, it's like this bank account of time that I always am trying to compensate. So if I work extra late, I always try to make up for it on the back end with my kids. Maybe if my husband's lucky, maybe I have time for him, but not really. I also have young kids, so I try and make sure that i'm there at the most meaningful and most important things, because sooner or later they're going to be teenagers and they going to want anything to do with me and then I'll have a lot of free time."

According to one of our favorite girl bosses, the best fashion/food/life inspiration comes from your Instagram feed (she recommends giving Daphne Oz and Eden Grinshpan a follow);  Jessica Alba is the best Jessica; and sleep is the most important element of self-care.

And if you've found yourself striving for work-life balance, whether you want to be a famous fashion designer or crush it in another field: "Find out what drives you and what you're passionate about," says Minkoff, "because if you do what you love, I know it sounds trite, but it doesn't feel like work."

Peep more knowledge from some of our favorite women (while they munch on avocados!) over on our YouTube channel. Plus, check out Rebecca Minkoff's stylish take on activewear

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