The Top Strength Each Zodiac Sign Brings To Their Job and Workplace, According to an Astrologer

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As any lover of astrology already knows, a person's entire natal chart—including sun, moon, and rising signs, and beyond—can reveal a lot about various components of life. Whether you'd like to better understand how you function optimally with respect to self care, your friendships, romantic relationships, or beyond, there is intel to glean from your specific planetary placements—and that includes to how you best show up at work. Each of the 12 signs possesses a unique soul mission that impacts the way they navigate their lives, including the type of energy they bring to their job.

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Below, Ellen Bowles, astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS, explains what each zodiac sign’s soul mission is and how it can translate to a person's strongest work quality. Then she provides tips for working in a way that's most aligned with these natural strengths and abilities. So basically get ready to feel like a boss, in a way that's perfect for your sign.

Below, Bowles breaks down the work quality each zodiac sign brings to their job or workplace


“An Aries’ soul mission is all about self-advocacy,” says Bowles. “They’re our fearless warriors, charging ahead without hesitancy. They were born to be leaders, and others admire their courage in the work setting.” She adds that Aries are the advocates in the workplace who tackle problems headfirst, don’t back down from issues, and are willing to try new ideas.

To succeed at work, Bowles advises Aries to take initiative and speak up for themselves.

Suggested career path: Something physical, like a private fitness trainer or instructor.


According to Bowles, Taureans are fueled by persistence and hard work, and their patience helps them achieve their goals. “This Earth sign may not be a fast mover, but they know every small step and decision counts for something. They can show others the beauty of growth and steady hard work.”

Suggested career path: Business or money-related fields.


“Geminis are the brilliant, mad scientists of the zodiac,” says Bowles. “They have a soul mission to question the norm, experiment, and be curious to how the world operates.” Geminis bring fresh ideas and creative solutions to the workplace by thinking outside of the box and experimentation. To thrive on the job, Bowles says Geminis need to embrace their unconventional ideas and way of being. “They may not stick to the status quo, but they see the world in ways others cannot. It’s a superpower to be unique and individual.”

Suggested career path: Writing, journalism, or communications.


This water sign’s emotional nature helps them complete their soul mission from a deep, intuitive knowing, says Bowles. “Cancer’s intuitive guidance is their greatest compass in the workplace. They know how to take others' feelings into consideration so that business can operate well for everyone.” At work, she recommends Cancer always use their intuition to feel out a situation before making a decision. “If something doesn't feel right, [they] need to trust that knowing within themselves,” she adds.

Suggested career path: Caretaking or positions in wellness.


“Leo's soul mission is about self-expression, creativity, and commanding attention with ease,” says Bowles, noting that this sign's warmth and generous nature makes them well-liked in personal and business matters. She says these fire signs naturally shine bright in the workplace and tend to thrive in leadership roles. “Leos know that high self-confidence is the key to having others believe in you and what you create. The more they align with a career path that allows them to express themselves, the happier they will be.”

Suggested career path: Performing arts or entertainment fields.


Detail-oriented Virgos always strive to produce the best, highest-quality work and artistry, says Bowles. “They see the important details others have missed and always have a solid backup plan for achieving their goals.” On that note, order and organization are key for Virgos, especially at work. “Virgos crave systems; they’re one of the signs that need structure and routine,” Bowles adds. “A daily business schedule or calendar is important for their well-being. The more organized they feel, the more effective they will be at work.”

Suggested career path: Positions that help and streamline systems for others.


Libras cannot operate within imbalance. A Libra’s soul mission is to seek the truth and justice in all matters, restoring harmony everywhere they go,” says Bowles. Because of this goal to achieve harmony, they’re skilled at creating balance in the workplace. “They weigh the pros and cons of every decision, which helps others to co-exist more peacefully. Libras want to make everyone satisfied, so they create business solutions that work well for everyone. Brainstorming with another person can be beneficial for their decision-making. Work feels better to them when they are not journeying alone.”

Suggested career path: Law careers that help create justice and advocate for the underdog.


Scorpios are powerful in the workplace because they can see the truth of all matters before others can. “A Scorpio’s investigative nature helps them get to the truth of all business matters," Bowles says. She also points out that these transformational water signs are master problem-solvers in their careers. “They do best when formulating a solution to a challenge that feels overwhelming to others. Scorpios understand assignments quickly and work best when given solo time and space to focus on their work.”

Suggested career path: Researching positions or psychology work.


“Sagittarius knows how to expand upon ideas and take them to their greatest heights,” says Bowles. “In the workplace, they don’t believe in limits. Sagittarius can be the fuel when it comes to pushing business goals and dreams beyond the preconceived expectations.” But in order to do so, they need freedom and flexibility to work as they please, so entrepreneurship or traveling would likely work best for them. “At work, the more they interact with others from different backgrounds, the happier they will be.”

Suggested career path: Education and teaching.


Capricorn’s soul mission is to build something that will last beyond their time and influence those to come, says Bowles. “Capricorns are work-minded, always focused on their legacy and foundations. They know how to delegate and commit fully to their purpose with hyper-focus.” They tend to make decisions based on what’s best for the long-term rather than short-term gratification. Although this trait may help the Earth sign become legendary, she warns that they can become rigid about their goals, so creating boundaries is key for maintaining balance!

Suggested career path: Starting their own business or being CEO of a large company to fit their "boss" energy.


At work, Bowles says humanitarian Aquarius looks out for the collective interest of the group and makes sure no one is left behind. “Aquarius knows it’s important to operate with consideration to others and with a mission of bettering the world. They’re all about community and wanting to uplift and support everyone.” To feel the most satisfied at work, Bowles suggests Aquarius focus on collaborating with others for a global mission.

Suggested career path: Politics and social activism positions that allow them to give back.


These empathetic water signs have a healing nature that inspires them to help others. “A Pisces’ mission is to connect to other realms and share that knowledge with us through their self expression and art,” says Bowles. Their chameleon nature also brings versatility to any workplace environment. “They flow easily from one project to the next, and their multiple talents makes them very adaptable. Pisces’ constant creativity makes them a valuable part of any team or business.” She adds that Pisces need careers that offer flexibility to create at their own pace and on their own schedule. “They desire a career path that helps them tap into their artistic nature and aligns with their spirituality.”

Suggested career path: Visual arts or music related fields.

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