My Bedroom Has Become My Office—Here’s How I’m Still Making Sleep Happen

Six months ago, my morning routine took a sharp turn: wake up, brush teeth, and head into work. With me so far? Well, when I say "head into work," what I really mean is "head right back into bed by 9 a.m. sharp."

Yes, I've done the thing every career article you've seen about WFH has told you not to do: work where you sleep. And not only has my productivity suffered (my bed is just too comfy), but my once-established zzz's schedule has taken a hit.

So when I turned to my wellness-minded friends to ask how they're maintaining good sleep in this new normal, the first thing they mentioned was "try CBD." To which I responded with a strong eye-roll. I'm the one who scoffs at the mention of CBD because I just haven't truly experienced the pure bliss my coworkers and friends talk about. But, if there's one thing that 2020 has taught me so far, it's to keep my mind open and learning—so here we are.

For the sake of eight restorative hours, I decided to try Healist™ Naturals CBD Sleep Drops—they offer organic broad spectrum U.S.-grown CBD, and are vegan and cruelty-free—plus, they come in two delicious flavors: orange and peppermint. The results? Not what I was expecting.

Keep reading to find out how my experience working in bed has changed with my new CBD-filled routine.

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Getting Better Shut-Eye

In the past when I couldn't sleep, I'd just pop a melatonin to help wind myself down, but would end up with that day-after grogginess I couldn't really shake until well into my workday. I've since found out that some of the commercial melatonin sold in stores is synthetic, and can actually mess with my own body's production of it. (The more you know, y'all.)

On the flip side, Healist™ felt completely different. Since the Sleep Drops contain a natural blend of botanical essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm on top of the organic broad spectrum CBD, the soothing vibes were definitely there. Side note: The peppermint and orange flavors are so dang tasty it almost felt like dessert. Peppermint was my fave, since it basically just prolonged that cooling, refreshing feeling you get after brushing your teeth before bed.

For the first week, I squeezed half a dropperful of the Sleep Drops—which are lab tested three times—under my tongue. Each night I slowly found myself getting drowsier, and before I knew it, the sun would come beaming into my window at 8 a.m.—and I didn't feel a shred of grogginess.

Not to mention, this was the first time I've ever been able to safely wake up after taking any kind of sleep aid without setting my alarm. It really only took the first morning of "Wait, this does work!" results for me to officially implement CBD-ing as part of my nighttime routine.

Rounding Out My New Routine

Once I established the real meat of my zzz's-inducing routine, I took a look at how to optimize my productivity for the hours I'm not sleeping. Instead of working on my laptop while just lying on my stomach, I invested in an actual desk that's meant to go over your bed—with a surface that's big enough for my laptop, planner, coffee, and water. This instantly transitioned the mood of the room from sleep time to work time.

After tricking my brain into believing that my bedroom was actually a (cozy) office during the day, I made sure to transform it back into my beloved sleep den once the sun set.  I added two vanilla-scented candles next to my bed (fall is here, y'all) to go from blue light to hazy glow. And rather than keeping my computer on my bed all day and night like I used to, I removed all work-related devices and items to signify a clear end to the day as soon as it hit 6 p.m.

Now that I've gone from being a CBD skeptic to total convert (cue the "I told you so" talk from my friends) and changed up my work-from-home space, I could really get used to this WFH life.

Want to add CBD in your sleep routine? Click here to snag your *free* Discovery Drops so you can try it for yourself.

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