How to Get Inspired to Get Moving (in a Minute or Less)

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When your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. (the one labeled "wake up now or you'll miss your workout"), what makes you stop from hitting the snooze button and rolling over?

Whether it's training for a marathon or just your general love of those post-workout, mood-boosting vibes, identifying your intention is the key to keeping fitness from feeling like a drag (and more like something you're ready to leap out of bed for).

Use this anthem video as your pre-run/gearing-up/inspiration reboot soundtrack.

So to help you zero in on your own special brand of endorphin-charged secret sauce, we created the anthem video you'll want to use as your pre-run/gearing-up/inspiration reboot soundtrack.

The inspiration? ASICS' new rallying cry, I Move Me—which is basically all of the heart-pumping motivation you need heading into the new year. Just consider the resulting video a personal mantra you can stream via smartphone.

Watch the video above for major motivation (and mesmerizing workout inspo).

In partnership with ASICS

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