This 10-Minute Workout Is the Remedy for Lower-Back Tension

If you don't have lower-back tension, congratulations! You are probably still in your twenties. Everyone else, welcome to the rest of your life! Or, that is, the rest of your life if you don't strengthen the appropriate muscles to help alleviate and prevent chronic pain down your backside. Fortunately, in the latest episode of Good Moves, The Ness founder Colette Dong demonstrates a quickie workout for lower-back pain and tension that strengthens the glutes, core, and more.

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"Today I'm going to take you through a 10-minute strengthening series to relieve low-back tension," she says, before moving straight into bridge pose to fire up the glues and hamstrings. "A lot of the times when we're sitting all day or feeling that low back pain, we're maybe a little bit too tight in those hips, we're curving through our low spine and then we're not activating our glutes enough. So we're going to give this a little bit of a strengthening moment, a little bit of a fire up, and then we're going to work through a front-body hip release."

Another mission-critical move included in the series is—what else?—plank pose. "Plank is a really good thing to do for your posture because it forces you to engage those low abs," she says. "You're working every muscle of your body, and then you're pushing down through your arms to help support those shoulders so that we don't get that forward round."

There's more! If you want to avoid spending the rest of your life in the *groan* position, press play to strengthen your body in all the right places and alleviate back pain for good.

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