Tired of Choosing Between Feeling Cute or Feeling Sweaty? Here’s How To Have Both

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You: "Should I just keep sweatpants on since nobody is really going to see me?" Also you: "Ugh, no—I should put on jeans because I'll feel more productive." You, again: "Yeah, but jeans aren't sweatpants."

Sound like your inner monologue when you wake up for work? Well, throw makeup into the mix and you're faced with even bigger decisions, like whether you should work out and then get ready, or just skip the working out and... still look like you've worked out (see the sweatpants convo above).

We're not sure how much longer we can keep having these conversations. Which is why a world where you could have it all—the fitness, and the workout makeup that lasts, doesn't smudge, and won't clog your pores—would make your day so. much. easier.

Good news: It exists. "The entire line from FLOetic Beauty is designed to alleviate that hassle of having to 'swap faces' throughout the day," says Kirsty Su, CEO and founder of FLOetic Beauty. "The breathable texture means you can totally sweat with ease with your makeup on during your workout or on a hot day, but still be ready at an instant for your next task."

Yep, that means you just have to get ready once. "We don’t want our makeup to give out before you do, so the long-lasting effects mean the color is there to stay on through your sweatiest sessions," Su says. Because shouldn't your makeup stick around for dance cardio and back-to-back meetings if you have to?

Keep scrolling for a closer look at the workout makeup that'll take you from sweating right into your next meeting.

Hydrating + Anti-Inflammatory Liquid Lipstick

Don't you hate when you check on the status of your lipstick midday only to find a slight trace of color on the perimeter of your mouth? Add sweat (and the gallons of water you consume, just, like, regularly) to the mix, and we've got a sitch. This high-pigment liquid lipstick, though, was designed to stay on for hours while playing nice with good-for-you ingredients.

One of the key components is jojoba seed oil, which hydrates and nourishes so you're not left with dry (or worse, cracked) lips. You'll also find sunflower seed oil, which Su says has the potential to replenish, strengthen, and soothe your lips while helping to decrease inflammation.

To give your pout some sun protection, the kukui nut seed oil packs vitamin A, C, and E plus linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid), which Su explains is useful for preventing sunburn. Hydrates, decreases inflammation, and stays on all day? This lipstick is speaking our language.

Soothing BB Cream w/ Broad Spectrum SPF 25

The main concern over applying face makeup before a sweat sesh is potentially clogging your pores— leaving you with a breakout to deal with later. "With sweat, you don’t want to trap it under your makeup and create damaging blockage, so we formulated to create a permeable, breathable barrier where the sweat passes through, but the color stays on," Su says.

And if you're into taking your workouts (or work!) outside, FLOetic's BB Cream contains zinc oxide, the broadest spectrum UVA and UVB reflector approved for use as a sunscreen by the FDA. "Unlike chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide forms a physical barrier on skin, reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them," she says. (Not to mention, it's non-toxic.)

Lastly, there's aloe vera (to ease inflammation) as well as pyrus malus, or apple fruit extract (for skin-smoothing properties). And instead of ordering creams on creams, the twist-up-and-swap function allows you to refill the tube so you have a lower impact on the environment. Now, you don't have to worry about touching up midday, while reaping the calming and anti-inflammatory benefits this BB cream has to offer.

Moisturizing + Long-Lasting Lipstick

Not into the liquid lipstick route, but still want a slight pop of color? This go-anywhere, creamy option contains candelilla wax, that helps form a protective layer to seal in moisture and amp up the color, explains Su.

"Natural extracts of green tea help reduce the look of fine lines while chamomile extracts provide a soothing and calming effect for your lips," Su says. It's like your fave lip balm and lipstick combined into one—creating an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing powerhouse. Who ever said you couldn't have your workout and your slightly flushed lips, too?

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