This High-Fiving Cat Is Here to Congratulate You on Getting Through the Week

Photo: Stocksy/Jovana Rikalo
Wouldn't it be nice to get some praise for all the unsung victories we achieve in a day? Remembering to take all our vitamins, going to bed on time, gracefully navigating Mercury-retrograde craziness—and, of course, doing especially tough workouts. I mean, I'm not requesting a gold medal for completing an intense series of burpees and squats without passing out. (Or sneaking out of class early.) Just a simple gesture of congratulations would do—especially if it happened to be coming from a very furry paw.

Well, it turns out there's a cat at a CrossFit gym in China who has this exact job: It gives people high-fives after they finish class. In a video posted on Instagram, the feline cheerleader can be seen lending a paw to every jogger who runs by, basically being the cutest hype man (hype beast?) in existence. It's the ultimate form of motivation to keep you trucking along, even when you feel like giving up at any second.

Unfortunately, I've yet to see a cat (or any high-five-giving animal) in any of my fitness classes, so it doesn't look like I'll be getting the same treatment as these lucky CrossFitters any time soon. But hey, with this video going completely viral, someday there could be a friendly set of paws at every gym—or office, or first-date spot—ready and rarin' to give you props for your effort. A girl can dream, right?

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