These Are the Buzziest Workouts, According to Celebs

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The old days of simply looking good in Hollywood have (thankfully) passed. Today's celebrities make feeling good their top priority—from eating well  and experimenting with buzzy bevs to weekending at the hottest retreats—and on that daily wellness to-do list is hitting the gym.

Fortunately, some of those A-listers share their latest fitness obsessions on Instagram and Snapchat, letting you get a sizeable head start on the soon-to-be waiting list. (Thanks, Gigi!)

There's a whole new crop of studios—mixed with some tried-and-true favorites (we just can't quit you, SoulCycle)—from one coast to the other that are getting some major star power on the sign-in sheet right now.

Scroll down to see the buzziest workouts, according to celebs.

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The DogPound

This new studio in New York City's TriBeCa seems to be a breeding ground for Victoria's Secret models. Josephine Skriver, Jasmine Tookes, and Romee Strijd are all regulars—the first two are so obsessed, they've even started documenting their workouts on a new Instagram account. DogPound's HIIT workouts delivered via personal trainer, like superstar Dara Hartman, lead the models (or you) through tough intervals with an emphasis on traditional boxing moves—think tire flips, jump rope, and sparring.

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Gotham Gym

While boxing gyms in general are a hotspot for fit celebs, this New York City gym tops the list. Ditching glam boutique fitness classes for one-on-one sessions in the ring, celebs like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and Demi Lovato seem to love the de-stressing, full-body workout.

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Body By Simone

There are many dance-cardio queens out there, but Simone De La Rue has established herself as a fave instructor among celebs. Julianne Hough is a regular—and often has friends Nina Dobrev and Sarah Hyland in tow. Even Taylor Swift is known to make appearance when she's in Los Angeles (although she sometimes takes drastic measures to escape the paparazzi's lens).

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The trendy spinning studio is showing no signs of slowing down. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Jake Gyllenhaal have been spotted at various locations, and the celebrity list keeps growing. Lea Michele posts a shot of herself at the very recognizable studio at least once a week, David Beckham often accompanies the class with his son Brooklyn, and Lady Gaga is rumored to have two Soul-approved bikes on her tour bus when she travels.

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Rise Nation

This innovative studio takes the movements of hiking and climbing and brings it inside, in case you can't head to the hills anytime soon. One of its biggest fans? Jennifer Aniston, who knows a thing or two about staying healthy. Although the star still loves yoga and running on the treadmill, she thinks this is "such a great workout!" and tries to squeeze it in when she's in Los Angeles. Other celeb fans include Ashley Green and the super-fit Nina Dobrev.

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Shape House

The Netflix-and-chill studio out in LA is taking the celeb world by storm because it's a 180 from traditional workouts. The urban sweat lodge uses FAR infrared heat, which is said to help with weight loss, skin issues, insomnia, and stress levels. (Seriously, where do I sign up?) Selena Gomez is a super-fan, and so are Sophia Bush, Betty Who, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

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