This Free, 35-Minute Slider Workout Rivals the Hardest Pilates Class You’ve Ever Taken

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Souped-up Pilates and Pilates-inspired workouts have earned a reputation for being hard AF. They work every muscle in your body (including those small, harder-to-reach ones) to exhaustion while also giving you a cardio boost—essentially, they pack everything you need from your fitness routine into a single 45-minute session. But there's one problem: Unless you've got $10,000 to invest in a machine (and a whole lot of extra space in your living room), a home Pilates workout can be admittedly hard to replicate. Enter: A workout with sliders.

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These sweat session replicate the motions of ultra-intense Pilates-inspired routines without any of the fancy equipment. While it may not feel as glamorous or high-tech to perform your Pilates routine in your kitchen on a set of sliders as it does to do it in-studio, these workouts offer all of the same benefits as an IRL SLT or Solidcore class. Instead of doing the moves on a spring-loaded machine, you'll place your hands and feet on some sliders (or paper plates, or towels—basically anything that will slide easily across a wood floor) and use them to replicate the workouts at home.

While 10 minutes on a set of sliders is surely enough to leave you dripping in sweat, we've put together a free, 35-minute workout video playlist that will leave every muscle in your body screaming... and will give you little reason ever to return to the studio again. First up, Solidcore trainer Triana Brown will lead you through a 15-minute lower body workout that will strengthen your glutes, quads and inner thighs.

And like every good Reformer-inspired workout, it will seriously force you to engage your core. Next, you'll follow along with 10 minutes of amped-up planks that will light your abs and shoulders on fire. And finally, Pilates instructor Chloe de Winter will show you how to get a full body burn—care of your sliders—in 12 minutes flat. Press play on the videos below (or just watch the playlist in full over on YouTube) to try a sliders workout at home—and get ready for a  sweat session that will rival the hardest in-studio experience of your life.

15-minute lower body slider workout

9-minute plank series:

12-minute full body slider workout:

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