Just Me, or Is This Crossbody Bag *Everywhere* Right Now?

Photo: Unsplash/Artem Bali
I know that everyone is talking about JOMO but my brain doesn't seem to have gotten the memo since I'm still living in a state of constant FOMO. Yes, this means wondering if my time would be better spent at the spin class across town instead of the Pilates class I'm at, but more importantly, it means being obsessively on the lookout for even the slightest hint of a new fashion trend. This summer the style staple that has caught my eyes (over and over again) is the crossbody woven bag.

It's small, lightweight, and seasonally oh-so-appropriate (AKA the holy trinity of summer fashion). Plus, on the surface, it makes some sense that people would collectively be gravitating toward such a carryall right now. There's no time of year more likely to create cravings for the Betty Draper brand of Americana than summer, and nothing fits this aesthetic more than a picturesque picnic basket. The circular shape of the rattan and wicker bags I've been clocking lately feels like a more functional nod to Yogi Bear's favorite accessory. It also feels like a seasonal update to winter's hatbox purse craze, an Old Hollywood favorite that's recently resurfaced (something I credit to the rise of Mansur Gavriel).

By far, the most common iterations of this summer's it bag are ones offered in the natural tan shades of the dried palms and twigs they're woven from. In New York City, unsurprisingly, black versions are also abundant, slung over the shoulders of cool girls chicly schlepping their way through Soho, while white options are very reminiscent of the wicker rocking chair you might find on the porch of a historic home in Charleston.

From a practical perspective, the hands-free functionality of the crossbody design means you're able to hold both your iced matcha (or glass of frosé) and take a photo of it for the 'Gram at the same time. If you haven't already added one to your accessories collection yet, the styles below are some of the best of the seasonal bunch.

Take your new bag with you as you during your summer stargazing trips and adult summer camp getaways.

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