Woven Totes Are This Summer’s It Bag—See 12 That’ll Take You to the Beach and Beyond

Photo: @debb_a via Twenty20
There are certain accessories that, try as I might, just don't seem to work outside of the short summer months. Yes, sandals, but also less obviously anything woven out of straw—like those chic, French-girl approved sun hats Bella Hadid's so fond of. More recently, it's been the litany of basket bags I can't seem to stop adding to my cart.

Each time I hover my arrow over one, I can't help but think of what a cool summer swap it'd be for my trusty (and sort of basic, TBH) work tote or gym bag. This season everyone (on the internet at least) seems to be on the same page since the style has become ubiquitous. Models like Gigi Hadid, as well as influencers, including Hannah Bronfman, are particularly fond of the customizable carryalls from Poolside Bags. But there are several brands from high-end designers like Ulla Johnson and Loeffler Randall to seasonal lines such as Kayu offering classic shapes (bucket bags, carryalls, crossbody bags) in the made-for-summer material.

Through and through all of your options, these are 12 bags that'll complement your array of summer dresses, as well as haul your workout wear in style. Weave your way into summer with one of these chic bags below.

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