Bye, Bobby Pins: This Is the Single Easiest Glow-up for Any Ponytail 

Photo: Getty Images/JGIJamie Grill
In middle school, there were three looks I wanted (oh so desperately) to achieve: the fluffed-up Dutch braid, the messy bun, and—the classiest hairdo of all—the wrap around ponytail. Because the name is a bit clunky, allow me to explain. The sleek AF hairstyle involves singling out a strand and wrapping it around the base of the ponytail to hide an aesthetically unpleasing hair tie. It's unquestionably a #glowup to the simple updo, and thanks to a YouTube video tutorial, I finally know how to do it properly.

YouTuber Luxy Hair's so-simple-it-should-be-criminal trick makes quick work of the wrap. In fact, her method is seamless enough that you won't even need a single bobby pin. Grab a hair tie because we're doing the damn thing.

Learn how to master the wrap around ponytail like you always wanted to.

Step 1: Put your hair up in a normal pony. Low, high—you choose.
Step 2: Take a chunk of hair (wide enough to conceal the hair tie).
Step 3: Wrap it around the base of the ponytail, counter-clockwise, until there's just a little more than an inch left.
Step 4: Pull at the bottom of your hair tie and slide the strand through the opening. Tuck the excess into the hair at the nape of your neck. It should hold by itself, but you can use a bobby pin, if you so choose.
Step 5: Separate the ponytail in two and pull the whole style taught. Et voilà: you are the chicest.

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