The Secret to Easing Wrist Pain From All-Day Typing? A Kitchen Sponge

Photo: Getty Images/Peathegee Inc
Anyone who works on a computer all day knows the struggle of going home with throbbing wrist pain from typing. (And, you know, a sore back that only some stellar stretches can help mend.) While you can always hop on Amazon and buy some fancy wrist pads to end the problem once and for all, there's actually a super-affordable solution that you probably already own. Just check underneath your kitchen sink.

It turns out one of the best ways to banish typing-related wrist pain might just be to use a sponge or, in this case, two. According to Apartment Therapy, all it takes to fix the achy issue is to lightly tape the cleaning cushions to the sides of your laptop or keyboard, giving your wrists a comfortable place to rest as you're checking all those tasks off your to-do list. It doesn't have to be an everyday thing, either: You could just keep a pack of the multi-tasking drugstore buy on hand for those times when you start to feel your joints acting up.

Banish keyboard-caused wrist pain by lightly taping sponges to the sides of your device. This creates a comfortable resting place for your appendages as you're checking all those tasks off your to-do list.

Sure, this hack might have your co-workers looking at you weird…until they get jealous of your pang-free bod. In fact, once they see how effective the creative solution is, there's a good chance all the sponges in your office kitchen will quickly disappear. And you'll be able to keep going about your #girlboss duties without the painful (and incredibly annoying!) distraction.

Speaking of sponges, here's how often you should actually be cleaning them. Or, find out why you might want to use a microwaved dish rag for cleaning instead.

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