Prevent Wrist Pain and Increase Your Grip Strength With These Exercises

Wrist strength and mobility are important, and there aren't many pieces of gym equipment that target the area. There totally should be, though, because wrists are important for so many daily activities. If you've got wrist pain, weakness, or just do a lot of hand movement—Colette Dong, fitness instructor and founder of The Ness has targeted wrist mobility and strength exercises in the most recent episode of Good Moves.

As the workout begins, Dong mentions that people might be skeptical about dedicating an entire workout session to the wrist. "Three reasons: grip, strength, and mobility," she says. "Do you ever go to drain your pasta from a pan and find that you have trouble holding it with one hand? Those sort of movements in daily life are what we are trying to improve when we work on the wrists," she explained. She listed other things like cleaning, cooking, typing, and even sexual health are impacted by your wrist and hand's well-being. These activities benefit from strengthening your hands and wrists. She starts the flow off by having you extend the hands in front of you while you kneel on a mat. "It's very important to start with warm-up movements," Dong says as she flexes her hands and rolls her wrists. This is because the wrists have less muscle than, say, your thighs or back. You have to make sure that the blood is pumping before you move on to more challenging moves like working on wrist strength via an assisted push-up style move.

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Because developing strength and working mobility of your wrists is important for so many areas of your life—this workout is a great reminder to take a total body approach to movement and fitness. Interested in a hands-on experience (sorry, I had to say it)? Grab a mat and let Dong lead the way.


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