X Band Walks Strengthen Your Abs and Glutes Simultaneously—All You Need Is a Resistance Band

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I don't know about you, but I'm all for exercises that work multiple groups of muscles at once. One I've learned to love, thanks to my physical therapist? X band walks, which strengthen your abs and glutes at the same time. An X band is basically just a resistance band that you loop around both feet and cross in front of your body.

"To improve glute and core strength, consider the X band walk once you've mastered the traditional lateral band walk," says David Jou, PT, DPT, co-founder of Motivny in New York City. It's easy to forget about proper posture as you exercise, especially when you're learning new movements, but it's essential to think about it when doing X band walks to get the most out of the exercise. It's also important because this movement works "the lateral line of muscles with added tension from the band," explains Dr. Jou.

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You'll definitely have to try it for yourself, but in my opinion, this upgrade to the lateral band walk is more fun and way more challenging. All you'll need is a superband ($10) to get started. Continue reading for detailed instructions on how to perform X band walks.

How to do X band walks

1. Start by standing tall with your feet about hip-width distance apart. Place the superband under your feet at your arches. You should be standing on the band. Cross the band so that it makes an "X" shape and pull it upwards across your hips. There should be tension on the band and your shoulders should be relaxed.

2. Firmly gripping the band and maintaining an upright position, take one step to the left keeping your hips square. Follow with your right foot, keeping tension on the band and without letting your feet touch. Avoid side bending; the steps should be coming from your hips and not the side of your torso.

3. Repeat for 10 steps in each direction. Complete a total of four to five laps.

4. To make this exercise harder, perform it by locking out your knees and pulling the band all the way up to your chin with your elbows pointing out to work your shoulders in addition to your glutes and core.

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