This $3 Face Mask Will Turn Your Skin-Care Routine Into a Customized at-Home Facial

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Do you ever find yourself playing editor-slash-chemist when testing your beauty products, making a wish-list of tiny tweaks you'd like to see happen? You might love a product for its brightening capacity, but wish that it was a bit more moisturizing. You might live-and-die by a certain exfoliator, but wish that the grains in it were a tad smaller and more gentle. The ultimate way to customize a product is of course to make it yourself...but who has the time?

When it comes right down to it, the line between two types of beauty junkies in the world is pressed firmly in the sand. There are those who spend their spare time in the kitchen experimenting with homemade recipes to perfect a holy-grail formula and those who prefer to have the job done for them. Until now. With the recent launch of the Yes To DIY-inspired clay masks ($3), many women are about to find themselves with a new beauty point-of-view that's somewhere in between.

It's great news, because it provides endless ways to tweak your concoction to create the ultimate product for your skin (and your skin alone). This $3 mask kit not only offers a range of base ingredients for every skin concern (including detoxing charcoal, acne-fighting tomato, moisturizing coconut, and calming cucumbers), it even comes complete with its own adorable mini mixing bowl and spatula. Add water to transform your powder into a deep-cleaning clay mask or if you’re feeling like beauty junkie number one, customize it with a recommended pantry pairing (of which, a dermatologist shares the purported benefits below).

Whether you’re looking to re-energize tired skin or add moisture to your parched complexion, here are four produce-aisle suggestions to add to your ready-made clay mask. Now, that's what I like to call a "happy medium.”

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One of the most potent ingredients in your kitchen cabinet is honey, which dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, a New York City dermatologist says can "calm, reduce inflammation, improve wound healing, clear up minor infections and acne." Try pairing it with the Yes To Tomatoes Single Use Acne Fighting DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask for either a spot treatment or clearing mask.

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Greek yogurt

When looking to moisturize the complexion, reach for a probiotic-rich base such as Greek yogurt. Dr. Zeichner says that this has the ability to "hydrate, calm, and reduce inflammation" making it a perfect pair for the uber-nourishing Yes To Coconut Single Use Moisturizing DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask, which contains coconut oil to help hydrate your complexion.

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Get your masher at the ready. By smushing avocado (which Dr. Zeichner says is able to "calm, smooth, and hydrate the complexion") and mixing it with a clay mask such as the Yes To Cucumbers Single Use Calming DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask you can give your skin a major breather and help to rejuvenate it.

Green tea
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Green tea

According to Zeichner, green tea can help "reduce inflammation, reduce redness, calm the complexion." Try mixing subbing this antioxidant-rich liquid for water, when slathering on the Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Single Use DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask for a purifying and free-radical squelching night in.

Everyone loves a good DIY, here are some tips from a serious pro and PSA, when cocktailing your own products there are actually some ingredients that you shouldn't mix into your skin care. 

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