This 20-Minute Yoga Flow Will Help You Find Balance (Literally)

Much is made of the need for finding "balance" in life, but TBH, this isn't a very realistic goal. We can aim in that direction but no one—not even your most beloved lifestyle influencer—leads a perfectly balanced life, because life is unpredictable and messy. A focus on balance, then, can be more rewarding when it's practiced in the physical realm. With repeated efforts, you can actually achieve better and better physical balance—predictably. In the latest episode of Good Moves, Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland demos a yoga flow designed to help you do just that.

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  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

Improving your physical balance offers a host of benefits, from helping to rehab injury to helping to prevent injury. It's particularly important for older adults, but anyone can benefit from better balance—especially if you, like me, are (er: were!) the wobbler in yoga class who often fell out of poses, causing a destabilizing domino effect around you that sometimes earned you a side-eye.

Copeland notes that in order to obtain balance, it's necessary to work both sides of your body independently. "It's super important to work on your unilateral movement, [which is] something that yoga will help you improve—finding symmetry throughout your body," she says.

The focus of this flow, then, is on sometimes-challenging balancing poses such as half-moon pose, warrior three, and more. And while we all miss yoga class, this video offers the perfect opportunity to perfect, or at least improve, these poses—and therefore, your balance—before yoga studios re-open. Press play to be less embarrassing in your next group yoga situation or just to, you know, achieve the twenty-first-century dream of becoming more balanced at long last.

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