Let Your Stress Melt Away Completely With This 30-Minute Yoga Flow

For a while, stress slowly—and sneakily!—builds up. Then it's like you feel it all at once. When you're super overwhelmed, taking the extra steps to take care of yourself both mentally and physically is incredibly important. For some people, cooking a healthy homemade dinner and meditating does the trick. And for others, setting aside a to-do list to go on a long hike provides the ultimate stress relief. But one thing that works without fail for almost anyone is yoga.

Experts In This Article
  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

In the latest episode of Good Moves, Traci Copeland, a yoga instructor and Nike Master Trainer, shares a yoga flow for stress relief that will allow you to quite literally feel all that pent-up stress melting away. You may feel tense at the start of the 30-minute session, but that won't be the case at all by the time the flow ends. "It's going to help restore your mind, your body, and your spirit," she says. All things that sound pretty great right about now, right?

While this yoga flow for stress relief will certainly leave you feeling more relaxed and at ease—as well as in a much better mindset to tackle your day—Copeland says you'll reap some other benefits, too. The poses will also strengthen your body, help with mobility, improve blood flow, and better your focus. Not too shabby for something you only need to devote half an hour of your time to.

The next time you feel like you can't escape your stress, don't crawl into bed and stream Netflix. Instead, grab your mat, take a deep breath, and follow along with these soothing exercises. After you open your eyes from the shavasana, you'll feel like a brand-new person.

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