This 30-Minute Yoga Flow for Posture is a Head-to-Toes Wring Out

I once had a boyfriend who would constantly tell me to sit up straight; obviously, we are no longer together. But without giving him even a smidge of credit—I'm not your child, dude, you don't get to correct me!—it can be important to pay attention to your posture. Failing to do so can lead to chronic back pain, joint issues, and even damage to your teeth. Fortunately, in the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube show, Good Moves, BK Yoga Club owners Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson offer a less annoying and more helpful reminder to improve your posture, as well as a way to actually do so.

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  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

In the video, the duo demos a 30-minute flow geared specifically towards helping avoid bad boy/girlfriends nitpicking at your posture or just, you know, making sure yours is helping to make your entire body get stronger. And you could probably benefit from it because there's a high likelihood you're doing at least one of the three worst things for your posture at present: staring at screens; being sedentary for hours and hours a day; and wearing the wrong shoes.

But if you're not sure that your posture really needs help, try this five-point test to see if it's is out of whack. And TBH, even if you've been working on your posture game your entire life due to a nagging parent (and/or significant other), this flow is still worth a go. It's a juicy routine that'll leaving you feel longer, looser, and less potentially irritated by overly critical people. Press play to ward off chronic pains (in the back and a**).

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