This 20-Minute Yoga Flow Is Specifically Designed To Help Prevent Burnout

Hustle culture has us working harder and longer—and it’s taking a toll on our health. But research shows that even short breaks during the day can spell big health benefits. So go ahead and give yourself a break (literally); Wellness Recess will provide you with the inspo you need to add more balance— and fun—to your day. See More

If you've ever experienced burnout—a legit medical condition recognized by the World Health Organization and characterized most broadly by the feeling of being completely depleted—you likely know that once you're in its throes, it's not easy to climb out. Avoiding it altogether is ideal, but that, too, requires conscientious effort, especially in the pandemic era. To aid you, at least a little bit, in the quest we're all unwillingly on these days to avoid short-circuiting, BK Yoga Club co-founder Alicia Ferguson has designed a yoga flow to prevent burnout for the latest episode of Good Moves.

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"Today we are going to be working on a very soothing, stress-melting flow," Ferguson says of the simple at-home workout which requires only a mat (and optional block).

The routine focuses heavily on breath, and studies show that such mindful breathing can actually reduce stress, which can then keep you from eventually going *to the bad place*. "Throughout today's flow, we're just gonna move a little slower, really focusing in on the breath, allowing it to be our guide for the day, allowing it to move through us, allowing it to collect anything that is no longer working and just let it go," says Ferguson.

At various moments throughout the 20-minute routine, she allows for particularly mindful pauses, wherein she guides the breath and also leads mini-meditations. "For a moment here, begin to bring attention to the space between your eyebrows," she says at one point. "Just imagine a little white light... and then with every single exhale, that white light begins to radiate a little bit brighter.

So moving from the space between your eyebrows down to your cheeks, down to your mouth, down to your finds its way into the space around your heart, and with every exhale and every inhale, allow that white light to just take up space in the heart, acknowledging, 'I am here and I am present.'"

Sounds soothing, right? To be there, and be present, roll out your mat and press play on the video above.

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