Grab a Blanket—This Yoga Flow Is Designed To Put You To Sleep

If your baseline levels of stress and anxiety are higher now than they were pre-pandemic, you're not alone, and few things make it trickier to sleep than a mind racing with fear and negativity. To help quiet your brain—whether right before bed or at any time in your day that stress overwhelms—BK Yoga Club founders Alicia Ferguson and Paris Alexandra share a sleep-centric flow in the latest episode of Good Moves. "Today we are going to be winding down with my kick-back flow, helping us release any built-up pressure or stress the body is holding on to from the day," says Ferguson.

To enhance the yoga for sleep flow, she recommends incorporating an essential oil blend. "You can use whatever essential oil you like," she says. "Today, me and Paris are going to be using a frankincense and lavender blend. Take about two or three drops, or just roll it in the palm of your hand...then just gently press it in the soles of your feet." As you do so, she recommends setting an intention for your practice. "So whatever that is, just mindfully pressing your feet, letting [the essential oil] absorb, and just connecting to your body—whatever is going to ground you for this practice."

When we don't feel grounded, explains Ferguson, it disturbs our internal rhythm and can mess up sleep as well as digestion. "Allowing ourselves to really ground gives us a sense of calm, a sense of equilibrium," she says. Grounding distracts your mind from sadness about the past or fear of the future by focusing it on the present moment, where you're likely "safe"—hence its tranquilizing effect.

This gentle series of moves will then help to further relieve tension, releasing the day's worries with every exhale. And at the end, Ferguson encourages you not to rush back after your to-do list. "I invite you to pause the video and maybe just hang out here for as long as it feels comfortable," she says. "Maybe if you have a blanket, you can even throw the blanket over [yourself]—you might feel cozy."

Cozy enough to... fall asleep? Press play to find out.

Experts In This Article
  • Alicia Ferguson, certified yoga practitioner and creative wellness entrepreneur
  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

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