The Yoga Foot Stretches That Will Have the Other Muscles in Your Legs Writing Thank You Notes

Photo: Getty Images/fizkes
Stretching doesn't always feel like a necessity. You already just pounded out a workout, and the last thing you want to do is take even more time out of your busy schedule to stretch out your muscles, too. But making it a commitment can do your body good. Especially your feet.

Despite my feet (literally) carrying me around every day, allowing me to hit my 10,000-step goals without hardly any complaints, I never really give them their due for such impressive efforts. The easiest way to reward your feet for a job well done is to do some yoga foot stretches. And because it's hard to know where to start, yoga instructor Brett Larkin of Brett Larkin Yoga came through with a 15-minute routine on YouTube featuring all of her favorite easy-to-follow foot and ankle stretches.

Paired with deep-breathing, the yoga flow goes through stretches made to give your body some relief after running or doing a cardio sesh, as they target the Achilles tendon, fascia, and entire foot. Because the area is often forgotten about in recovery, even doing a few of them will quickly make you realize just how tight your feet really are and help you loosen up between workouts, whether you're power walking or sweating it out in HIIT.

So change into some comfy clothes, grab a mat, and press play on the video below. Your feet will thank you.

Want to keep on treating your feet? Replace your socks to combat blisters once and for all, and snag a pair of comfortable boots meant for lots of walking.

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