Here’s a Slow, Steady 20-Minute Yoga Flow You Can Do Anywhere

When you’re stressed, busy and hitting that 3 P.M. wall, it can help to stop, drop, and roll—but not in the fire drill sense. Instead, you might try a quick, easy to do anywhere, workout to get your blood flowing and mood soaring. Exercise has so many benefits and one of those is definitely that it can boost a subpar day, or improve an already good one. Sometimes the light from the sun peaks through your curtains when you wake up and it would be a shame not to slip into yoga pants and do some relaxing yoga poses or Pilates. So, if any of this resonates with you, you’re in luck. In the most recent episode of Good Moves, trainer Traci Copeland will take you through a calming, relaxing, and rejuvenating yoga workout that you can really do anywhere. 

Experts In This Article
  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

If you’re someone that needs time to build momentum, this is the perfect workout for you. Copeland starts off with a slow, steady succession of beginner yoga poses. Copeland encourages you to take this at your own pace, following the moves, but pausing and breathing as much as you want. She has you go into warrior I, downward dog, sun salutation, back to warrior I, and into warrior II.

Just because this workout is slow and steady, doesn’t mean it's not a challenge. These moves feature deep lunges and stretches. This requires you to breathe and check in with your core engagement so that you can hold your balance. The great thing? It’s always okay to feel the burn and that doesn’t mean you’re inflexible. Sometimes workouts are supposed to be challenging and pushing yourself is something to be proud of. 

This 20-minute flow goes into reverse warrior and rounds out with tree pose. Copeland reminds you that tree pose is about feeling strong, balanced, and grounded (like a tree). Ready for a soothing stretch, smooth flow? Make like a tree (pose) and press play on this breezy yoga workout with some deep stretches in store. 

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