3 P.M. Brain Fog Is No Match for This 20-Minute Yoga Flow

Strong and healthy balance is so critical to our mobility, longevity, and sanity that BK Yoga Club co-founder Alicia Ferguson has decided to offer up a second yoga flow centered around, well, centering. (Here's the first one, ICYMI) On the latest episode of Good Moves, she demos a unique 20-minute flow aimed at helping you find not just physical and emotional equilibrium, but also focus, which is definitely something with which most of us could use a little help.

"Sometimes, when the world becomes so hectic and our lives become pulled in many different directions, we need to ground ourselves—find our balance and center ourselves again," Ferguson says. "So today we are going to work on cultivating that practice of focus and balance, but doing it with ease in the body."

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  • Alicia Ferguson, certified yoga practitioner and creative wellness entrepreneur

To enable this practice, Ferguson begins the episode's flow by asking you to switch into mindful mode. "We're just becoming present on our mat, allowing our breath to become present, allowing our minds to become present, even allowing our spirit to become present to this very moment," she says. "So just noticing if there's any uneasiness or any tension that the body is holding. We're gonna breathe through that today."

The series of stretches and vinyasa sequences that follow should be familiar to those with any prior exposure to yoga, but the practice is appropriate for all levels, from novice to veteran. You'll flow through iconic postures and movements including chair pose, chaturanga, downward dog, half-moon pose, and more.

Finally, Ferguson ends the sequence with a gratitude exercise, which is a must for anyone seeking emotional balance. "Take a moment here to check in with yourself, acknowledging all the ways that your body is working together.. to cultivate balance today," she says. "So we say, 'thank you, toes,' 'thank you, knees,' thank you, thighs,' 'thank you, core,' 'thank you, lungs,' 'thank you, heart,' and then thank yourself for choosing you today."

"Choosing you" today sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? Press play on the video above to do just that, and improve your balance and focus in the process, too.

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