This 19-Minute Yoga Flow for Cyclists Will Help Release Tension in Your Hips

Cycling is a full-body activity—there’s so much to keep in mind as you pedal along, but you can also easily get lost in a ride. The same meditative quality you might experience while you're biking can be supported by doing yoga before or after you hop on your bike. On this episode of Good Moves, BK Yoga Club co-founder Paris Alexandra guides us through a 19-minute yoga flow specifically for cyclists.

Experts In This Article
  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

Whether you ride outside or on a Peloton in your living room, Alexandra walks you through slow, deep stretches and a series of twists, that are meant to soften and soothe the cycling muscles you use most. For example, the hamstrings are a notoriously tight muscle group that run down the back of your thigh, and Alexandra offers poses that lengthen them. She also invites us to engage the hip flexors, another frequently tight muscle that powers your legs and the range of motion in your hip joint. Hip flexors tighten with intense use, but this series will increase blood flow and open them up. If you're riding your bike all the time, it's beneficial to do these kinds of stretches that support the inner thigh and hips, Alexandra says.

Incorporating yoga poses or stretching into your routine can have benefits on and off your bike. It can also help you loosen the muscles, engage the core, as well as soothe neck and shoulder tension. Whether you want to wind down from a long ride or prepare for the miles ahead, this flow will allow you to be more present (and pain-free) during your rides.


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