A Yoga for Heart Break Workout Video That’ll Help You Release Heavy Emotions

Heartbreak can be such an out-of-body experience. I remember the most heartbroken I've ever been—I went to the National History Museum in New York and wandered around the halls listening to Frank Ocean. I was new to the city and crushed after a woman politely let me down. I was so crushed that she didn't want me the way I wanted her that I laid below the blue whale and felt like I could be a cracked open egg. Lying on my back, looking at the whale, and listening to the whispers of all of the people, I knew I would get over it. I did. That day, though, is still very clearly there.

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  • Alicia Ferguson, certified yoga practitioner and creative wellness entrepreneur

If you resonate with this, you're not alone. Heart ache is painful (sometimes physically). And sometimes, to help release these heavy emotions, which can be stored in the body, people turn to yoga after a breakup. This most recent episode of Good Moves with BK Yoga Club instructor Alicia Ferguson has some yoga for heart break in store—if that sounds like a welcome salve stay tuned.

There's plenty of room for your feelings in this session, which Ferguson begins by inviting you to ground yourself in the present moment. After, she guides you to set an intention for this routine, and encourages you to trust in your decisions, trust in letting go, and allow yourself patience to let things unfold as they will. Next, you’ll inhale and repeat your intention, maybe it’s “trust” for example, and on your exhale, you’ll remind yourself that you are safe in your body, and hard feelings don't discount that.

The asanas included in the video are meant to open the heart both physically and spiritually. Throughout the flow, Ferguson sequences yoga poses that’ll make you feel strong and empowered like warrior poses, as well as ones that’ll ask you to literally sit in your feelings, such as chair. There are also gentle backbends because tension can build in the chest, neck, and upper body muscles when you're going through something challenging.

Ferguson consistently invites you to breathe deeply and check-in with yourself. Spending time alone can be hard, especially after losing someone you cared for. Remember that your relationship with yourself is still there and waiting to sustain you through even the worst heartbreaks.

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