This 20-Minute Flow Is Designed To Help You ‘Bend Without Breaking,’ On and Off the Mat

Just as our bodies can sometimes be rigid and resistant to challenging yoga poses, our minds can likewise be inflexible in the face of difficult situations. But what you resist persists, so it's important to learn to adjust your expectations when things aren't necessarily going to plan. To help improve this mental flexibility, BK Yoga Club co-founder Alicia Ferguson offers a flow designed specifically with that purpose in mind on the latest episode of Good Moves.

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  • Alicia Ferguson, certified yoga practitioner and creative wellness entrepreneur

"Today's flow is entitled, 'I bend so I cannot break,'" she says. "In yoga, and in life, there's this constant push and pull. We really want to find the ease in challenging postures and even rediscover new boundaries, on and off the mat."

You won't find anything unexpected in this 20-minute flow; instead, Ferguson runs through the usual suspects, including cat-cow, plank, chair pose, warrior two, and other such common yoga postures.

What's unique to this flow, however, is the intention behind it. "'I bend but I do not break'—what areas in our life are we channeling that to today?" Ferguson asks. "'I bend but I do not break in my relationships... I bend but I do not break in my mind... I bend but I do not break with my spirit.'"

In other words, this new flow is all about learning to withstand challenging situations without falling to pieces, which is a helpful skill to hone at any time, but one that's especially meaningful in a world facing unprecedented difficulties. To start training yourself to bend instead of breaking, roll out your mat and press play on the video above.

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