These Yoga Poses Will Give Your Bod New Life After a Road Trip

Photo: Stocksy/Christine Love Hewitt
There's nothing quite like a road trip to unite you with the ones you love. Between the sing-alongs, the healthy snacks, and the sunshine as you look down the road, you've pretty much got the makings for perfect summer days ahead. But let's be real: Road trip bod is a thing. Having to sit still can cause your legs to get heavy and your back to get ever-so slightly stiff.

The good news? By knowing a few simple yoga counter poses to do while filling with gas and fueling with coffee,  you can hopefully side-step those woes all together and focus on the good times. Yoga instructor Beth Cooke (who works with Lena Dunham, NBD) feels you, and so when I caught up with her, I asked for all the ways to stretch out post car ride. 

For starters, she suggests keeping your knees over your ankles and your feet hip-width distance apart (that means no crossing your legs). As for once you hop out of the car? Here, Cooke shares some of her favorite poses to recenter and leave you feeling great as soon as you make it to your destination.

By the way, yoga butt is a thing, if you were wondering and these are the 8 most common types of yoga so that you can find your perfect match.

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