The One Collection That Converted This Free-Flowing Yogi to a Sports-Bra Lover

When shopping for a sports bra, every woman runs through her personal mental checklist of priorities. Whether it's support, the newest tech innovations, or styling details, something tops the list that will determine whether the bra ends up in the "must-have" or "no way" pile.

Love Yoga co-founder Sian Gordon has the same checklist, but her set of qualifications is a tad different: “I like to feel like I’m not wearing a bra when I’m wearing a bra,” she says.

Luckily for Gordon, the collections by FP Movement have created a mix of all of the important sports-bra qualities with maximum comfort. The activewear line by Free People is designed to achieve balance between function and fashion, and the bra department is no different.

As the epitome of a free-spirited yogi, Gordon is serious about finding yoga clothes that feel like a second skin . And we mean literally: Just check out all the serene nature shots of her practicing yoga in the buff on her Instagram.

“I think it’s nice to do yoga naked but that’s not practical most of the time,” Gordon admits—and considering her teaching schedule, that's definitely true. “That’s when I appreciate bras that stay in place.”

To find a bra that fits her effortless activewear style, Gordon personally tested out four FP Movement bras around Santa Monica in celebration of Free People’s new FP Movement pop-up shop to judge their comfort levels (and call her favorite).

Scroll down for four FP Movement looks that are yogi-approved—and see which one is Gordon’s pick for max comfort.

most comfortable sports bras

Lira Bra + Lira Legging

Don’t be fooled by the corset-inspired seam detailing—this comfy number feels nothing like the restrictive undergarments of the 16th century. With a zip front and adjustable straps, this bra’s mantra is “comfort over everything” (while still maintaining stylish presentation, of course).

most comfortable sports bras

Glow For It Bra

The pretty criss-cross straps on the back give this gem endless photo potential—and when you’re snapping pics for your Insta story, you definitely don't want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. With compression fabric that lies flat to the skin without digging in, you can focus on soaking up the good vibes of your asanas—and not on whether your bra is pinching.

most comfortable sports bras

Seamless Method Bra + Slit Knee Legging

Think of this one as your personal AC unit. The ventilation details on the super-soft fabric actually cool the skin, which will be your savior during your next hot yoga class. Pair with some super-stretchy slit-knee leggings for ultimate comfort and cooling—from your summertime commute to the sweatiest of cardio classes.

most comfortable sports bras

Evolution Sports Bra + Barely There Legging

Gordon tried the Evolution Sports Bra in the ultimate yoga-wear challenge: The handstand test. How did it fare? "It didn’t budge, which is a good thing!” Gordon says. “I liked that I could think about my handstand and not worry about my bra—and it’s cute!” Call that a double tap. (PS, this one was Gordon's fave).

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Photos: Free People

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