There Are 294 Million Yoga Videos on Youtube—These Are the Best Ones for Lower Back Pain

Photo: Getty Images/Grady Reese
What is clear from hours spent hunched over my computer and doing some pro-level slouching while relaxing at night is this: My posture sucks for the majority of the day, resulting in pain and knots in my lower back. While the aches can be combated through certain exercises, my favorite way to help stretch things out involves nothing more than mat and a handful of yoga twists.

"Twisting poses will help restore your spine's natural range of motion and stimulate circulation," writes Julie Gudmestad, physical therapist and yoga teacher. "Many people lose full spinal rotation in the course of living a sedentary lifestyle. If you don’t lengthen the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues to their full length at least a few times a week, they will gradually shorten and limit the nearby joint's mobility."

According to Gudmestad, practicing yoga twists regularly will help prevent these problems from occurring, as well as improve how your body feels and moves every day. Basically, they're just as important as your workouts, and reaping the benefits doesn't require nearly as much time. Whether you stick with simple spinal twists for a few minutes or follow along with in-depth restorative videos, these are the best options on YouTube to help you beat your back pain for good.

Try these 6 yoga twist videos for the ultimate lower back pain relief:

1. If you only have 10 minutes

In this video, you'll be taken through a series of gentle yoga twists that quickly melt lower back pain away, not to mention provide you with a sense of calm.

2. If you only have a minute

Sometimes you need to banish lower back pain in a jiffy, and that's where this one-minute video comes in. You're instructed through a single move—the spinal twist pose—which can provide all-over relief.

3. If you have an entire hour

If you have an hour to spare, put it to good use with this ultra-soothing yin yoga session that features gentle spinal twists that alleviate all your aches and pains.

4. If you want to lie down

Sometimes it's just nice to lie down on your mat and get relief with minimal effort—especially if your back is seriously killing you. This video involves reclined twists, making it especially easy on your body.

5. If you want to quickly learn the basics

This video teaches you some of the basic, back pain-relieving yoga twist poses in a clear-cut, easy-to-follow format. Once you have them down, you can do them on your own—no electronics required.

6. If you're not a yogi but are still on the beat're not super into yoga? That's fine too! It might just call for you booking a special appointment at a stretching studio to help you loosen up the muscles in your lower back.

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