This Adjustable Makeup Mirror Lights Your Face From Every Angle, Making Application a Breeze

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When my mom bought herself the Zadro Lexington makeup mirror, the perfect makeup mirror with a bright (and dimmable) light, an adjustable stand, and intense magnification, I fell in love. So in love, in fact, that I begged her to get me one of my own. That was three years ago, and I'm still just as enamored with it as I was on day one.

Zadro Lexington 10X/1X Customizable Sunlight LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

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The light gives off a bluish-white hue that's reminiscent of natural sunlight. Makeup artist Min Min Ma says that natural lighting is always best for doing makeup, but that daylight LEDs “can mimic natural light." This means that my mirror always gives me the perfect lighting to do my makeup no matter how dark it is outside or what other lights I have on in my room. (It also provides the *perfect* selfie lighting, in case you were wondering). Additionally, because the light encircles the mirror, it provides full-face light. "Lighting should hit the face evenly—[on the] top, bottom, and two sides,” says Ma.

The height of the mirror is adjustable, between 20.75 inches and 11.5 inches tall, meaning you can always get the perfect height for your body and your furniture. The stand also swivels to provide access to two mirrors, one regular and one a 10-times magnifying mirror. This makes getting the perfect winged liner so much easier. I also love it for in-depth tweezing sessions. The swivel also makes it possible to change the angle of the mirror. This is a game changer—the angle I need for applying false lashes is far different than the angle I need to apply foundation.

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  • Min Min Ma, Min Min Ma is a New York City-based celebrity makeup artist.

I also love that this mirror is a plug-in model rather than battery-powered, which means I'm not always worrying about regularly replacing batteries and I know the lamp is always ready to operate at its brightest setting.

My only con is the size of the mirror. It's perfect for seeing your face and neck, but not great for doing your hair, depending on the length. Overall, this mirror is truly a part of me. I dread doing my makeup away from its bright and careful light. It gives me the confidence to know that my makeup is done to my liking and I don't have to worry about looking ridiculous when I step outside. While $150 for a mirror isn't cheap, I'm here to say that after a few years, it has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

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