This Vibrator Wand Not Only Looks Gorgeous on Your Nightstand, but It Delivers Orgasm After Orgasm

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Of all the sex toys and orgasm-giving gadgets on the market, two stand out as pop culture legends. The first is the rabbit vibrator, which launched into fame—and stayed there—thanks to Sex And The City putting it on the map more than 20 years ago. The second had less of a moment on the silver screen, but somehow sauntered into the limelight nonetheless: the Magic Wand ($61).

I love the Magic Wand—it's a classic. The iconic sex toy resembles an industrial back massager (in fact, it was originally designed to be used solely as a back massager, but vulva owners figured out an even more pleasurable use for it), and is known for giving some of the most powerful clitoral orgasms. But I'd like to take this moment to introduce you to the Magic Wand's luxurious cousin. Meet the Zalo Kyro Massager ($129), an opulent vibrating wand that feels as good as it looks. (And by the way, just in case you're wondering, you should 100 percent own both of these toe-curling orgasm-inducing toys.)

Zalo, Kyro Wand Massager — $129.00

Quite possibly the most luxe toy you’ll ever own. Available in black or turquoise.

Zalo's gadget is about as decadent as they come. Let me put it this way: if the Magic Wand is Brooklyn, then the Kyro is Gossip Girl's Upper East Side. If Magic Wand is the mall, Kyro is a luxury-laden Bergdorf Goodman's. If Magic Wand is ice cream, then Kyro is a fresh sorbet or hand-dipped cone fresh out of a Roman gelateria. Do you catch my drift? This thing is lavish, something you'd find in the bedrooms of empresses (if, ya know, electronics were a thing back then).

Why the Zalo Kyro Massager will never leave my nightstand

I have experimented with many a sex toy in my day, but none have been as pretty as this wand.

The Kyro comes packaged in a sultry black box adorned in archaic Egyptian designs (hence its name, which is pronounced, "Cairo"). Part of the brand's Legend series, the toy plays with mythical shapes (it's inspired by the scepter of an empress) and dark, sensual colors (we love the decadent, gold detailing). Each toy comes with a trove of accessories, including a silk carrying bag and two silicone attachments: one for stimulating sensitive areas, like the nipples and clitoris, and one for the G-spot.  That's right: This wand has the capability of giving you dual stimulation.

Aesthetics aside, the sheer power of this wand is what's most impressive. Like its Magic Wand cousin, it packs a punch, featuring Zalo's innovative vibrating technology that concentrates whisper-quiet vibrations into the wand's head for serious stimulation. There are five different pulse options and six speeds to play around with, each dreamier and more luxurious than the next. Add the silicone attachments for teasing and tickling? Your body will feel like the sacred temple it is.

Now, I do wish it was a little smaller in size, as there is nothing discreet about this toy. The massager is about a foot-and-a-half in length, so be forewarned if you're short on space in your bedside table. Also—when I say it's powerful, I mean, it's powerful. The buzzy head can be a lot of stimulation at once, especially in the "warming up" phases of a solo sesh. I recommend using a silicone-friendly lube, like the equally-luxe Zalo Warming Water-Based Lubricant ($19), which helps set the mood with its tingly sensations.

At $129, its a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market. But, you get what you pay for, and if it's luxury you're looking for, look no further than this mythical wand—it really is the stuff of legends.

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