From Hoka to Brooks, Shop These Podiatrist-Approved, Best-Selling Sneaker Deals at the Zappos Year-End Sale

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I love receiving fun statement shoes or a comfy pair of slippers as a gift. However, when it comes to shopping for supportive everyday shoes, I have found that it needs to be a journey between me, myself, and I (and occasionally a really helpful article or enthusiastic salesperson). Because I live in a walkable city and love to exercise, I am always looking to snag a deal on my next pair of sneakers, knowing I will inevitably have to replace my current pair.

So, over the years, I’ve discovered an excellent holiday hack: Waiting until the end of the year for seasonal sales to stock up on majorly discounted best-sellers. Look to the Zappos year-end sale to find deals on the shoes you've been wanting to test or know you’ll need to re-up on when your current pair wears out.

There are two things that make this a worthwhile holiday hack. First, we’ve rounded up podiatrists’ tips and specific shoe recommendations to ensure you’ll get proper support and start your new year on the right foot. Second, Zappos always has 365-day free shipping (that in my experience is usually pretty quick) and free returns. Scroll for our top five sneaker recommendations based on our (many!) chats with podiatrists.

The best of Zappos' winter shoe sale

hoka arahi 6 gray running shoes
Hoka Women’s Arahi 6 — $126.00

Originally $140, now $126

Available sizes: 5-12

Great for both athletic and everyday wear, Hoka is celebrated for its cloud-like cushion (yet lightweight) feel. The Arahi 6 is designed for runners, but has elements such as the refined collar shape that take pressure off common pain-points in the foot, making it easy to wear for hours on end.

Harbor Mist/Silver color on sale

brooks ghost 14 navy shoes
Brooks Ghost 14 — $109.00

Originally $140, now $109

Sizes available: 5-12, some colors offer narrow and wide options

Brooks has an avid fan-base of users who rave about the shock-absorbing sole that does not sacrifice comfort. Because of this, these are a great pair for running or walking on hard surfaces, such as paved trails or in a city.

Colors: 20

saucony triumph
Saucony Triumph 19 — $82.00

Originally $150, now $82

Sizes available: 5-12, some colors offer wide option, prices vary by color

If you’ve ever struggled with knee pain, this might be the shoe for you. The added joint cushioning in this shoe comes from its foam cushioning and boat-like shape. This allows for impact to be taken more evenly by the foot and body. It’s also got a stretch to it that can be great for bunions or wide feet.

Colors: 9


ecco white sneakers
Ecco Soft 7 Monochromatic 2.0 — $140.00

Originally $160, now $140

Sizes available: 4-12.5

If you’re looking to replace your go-to pair of white sneakers with something cute (yet still supportive), Ecco is a great place to start. They’ve got a minimalist design, so they’ll go with anything in your closet, but they also boast a liquid based sole that makes them supportive while still flexible.

Colors: 6


new balance fresh foam tennis shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt — $74.00

Originally $85, now $74

Sizes available: 5-12, medium and wide options

If you’ve been around long, you know team Well+Good and podiatrists alike love the New Balance Fresh Foam shoe line. It’s a neutral cushion shoe with a dual-layer of support, making it a great option for just about anyone. This specific T-shirt option is a great choice if you are looking for something to throw on when you know you’ll be on your feet (like running errands), but don’t want to wear full gym attire.

Colors: 5

Keep in mind when ordering online, that podiatrists often recommend sizing up a half size for walking shoes and a full size for running shoes, to comfortably give your toes room to expand. Further, you should always keep in mind your personal needs. “Because comfort is subjective and different from person to person, it is important to try different footwear options to determine what feels best to you,” board-certified podiatrist and foot surgeon Brad Schaeffer, DPM, previously told Well+Good. So, if you want to check out more options, shop the whole sale on here.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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