Meet The Plug-In, Chemical-Free Fly Trap That Made Me an *Actual* Lord of the Flies

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When you hear the phrase, Lord of the Flies, you might think of the literary classic you read in middle school about a group of boys stranded on a deserted island, left to their own human and moral devices. Makes sense. However, I consider myself a Lord of the Flies (LOTF), thanks to a very powerful and very handy plug-in fly trap I impulse-bought on Amazon a few weeks ago. The Zevo Flying Insect Trap ($25) is bug-zapping machine that's made tracking down those pesky, stray houseflies a total breeze.

Zevo, Electric Flying Insect Trap — $25.00

Trap mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, and more.

After being haunted by a singular fly for the good part of a week, I purchased my Zevo late one night when said fly was still flying around my room. Like a case of stubborn hiccups, I crawled into bed in silence thinking I was finally free of my enemy, until a very hard-to-ignore buzzing jolted me awake right as I was about to drift to sleep.

We've had a pretty great relationship ever since, and by "we" I mean me and the Zevo—the fly and I ended our relationship almost immediately after I plugged this bad boy in. I was skeptical at first, but it works like a charm. Here's how:

It uses light to attract bugs

Like other electric traps, it uses UV light to attract unwanted insects. Bugs like light—that's while you'll see winged critters like moths and mosquitos swarming lights on hot summer nights. Only the Zevo is blended with blue light, too, which reportedly, "mimics the sun and moon's navigational light patterns." Combined with the warmth of the light (bugs are also attracted to body heat) and you've got yourself a tantalizing trap no insect can resist. (Can confirm: they won't.)

It skips out on harsh chemicals

This isn't my first encounter with flies and fly traps, however, it has been the least harsh. Last summer, I experienced a fruit fly invasion like nothing I'd ever seen. I tried a lot of different things: bowls of apple cider vinegar, stinky, bitter-smelling neem oil, and even some sort of bug repellent candle. All of these were unpleasant and mostly ineffective.

Instead of chemicals, Zevo uses a sticky pad inside that you never have to touch that traps the flies. I don't have to worry about breathing in harsh fumes or potentially poisoning my roommate's cat—it's a healthier option way that's better than traditional pesticides.

It's small-space friendly

The Zevo is plugs directly into your wall outlets, making it small-space friendly and portable. Some traps are really big and ugly. I don't know about you, but I prefer not to announce to the world that I have suddenly been forced into single parenthood via custody of the world's most annoying fly. I love how refreshingly discrete this trap is.

After I was free of my seemingly endless duel with The Fly, I moved my trusty trap into the hallway outside my room because I thought that would be a great line of defense against attracting other bugs. Lo and behold, I realized that the trap had an excellent additional purpose: a night light. Since being a health writer, I have actually learned a lot about how falling during the night is actually a huge health risk. I never really thought to get a night light for my hallway, but now that I have one that protects me from insects, too, I can rest totally assured.

For $25, you get a reusable wall sconce, a sticky cartridge, and best of all—a housefly-free home. Whether it's mosquitoes, fruit flies, or stray moths, plug in the Zevo trap and conquer your insect infestations in the easiest way possible. Buy it here. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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