Give Your Home a Cosmically Approved Refresh With Your Zodiac Sign’s Interior Decorating Style

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The importance of having a home in which you actually enjoy spending time has never felt more apparent than during these pandemic times, when many of us are quarantining inside of them. In being home all the time, it's become clear that there's only so long you can stare at a piece of decor you hate (but previously tolerated) before you go full-on Jan at the end of the dinner-party episode of The Office. That's where zodiac decorating ideas for the home can come in handy.

Just as astrology can provide you with tips to heat up your sex life and better understand how you interact with others, zodiac decorating ideas can help inspire your interior design choices. Here, intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang shares zodiac decorating ideas for each astrological sign. Get ready to feel even more in-sync with your space.

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Make your home feel more distinctly you, using the following zodiac decorating ideas for your sign.


Since Aries is a fire sign, they gravitate toward bold, bright colors, like red and orange. "They’re likely to have a fire element, like a firepit or fireplace, as well," Lang says. "They want good light along with their bright tones. Their home likely has a workspace as well, since Aries is a go-getter who may be an entrepreneur."


"Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Taurus has an innate sense of color and design," Lang says. "They know how to combine fabrics and how to create a sensual and visually pleasing space." This means Taureans can make excellent interior designers, she adds. Necessities for Taurus include fine art, neutral Earth tones, and comfortable furniture for lounging. "They would rather spend more money for quality decor."


"Look for Gemini’s bookshelf—it is likely a statement piece," Lang says. Since Gemini tends to have many different interests and hobbies, she recommends creating stations within the home for each of them and a kitchen table with enough room for craft projects—but not too much room because that might invite clutter and chaos. "Gemini can get bored. It’s important for Gemini to make sure not to leave too many unfinished projects."


Cancer is the sign of home and family, and, during non-pandemic times, their living spaces tend to lend themselves well to gatherings for friends and family. Homey and cozy is the name of the game for zodiac design ideas for Cancer signs. "Sentimental, they have family items like photos and inherited items in their main space as well," Lang says. "Their home is one where you can sink into the soft sofa and spend hours talking. As a water sign, they may decorate with silver or blue. They will also likely have a good bathtub or water element."


"Leo is a fire sign, and in feng shui, animal prints and skins fall under the domain of the element of fire. The same applies to animal skins, like leather," Lang says. "Leo has a flair for drama, and their homes likely have lush fabrics, faux or real fur, and colors you’d associate with royalty—gold and violet." Think opulence.


When you ask a Virgo what they're up to, there's a good chance they'll tell you that they're organizing the kitchen, which makes sense since Virgos need space that is clean, organized, and clutter-free. They are very sensitive to their environments, and they need to feel like their home is their domain—within their control, so it’s important for them to feel as if they have everything in order. "Virgo is very particular about their art and decor," Lang says. "They tend to prefer neutral tones with some pops of color, but their color range is simple. Think elegant, discriminating."


"Libra’s home is a reflection of themselves, and they tend to enjoy the creative process of designing a home," Lang says. "They seek balance in all areas of their lives, and their interior space reflects this." Libras have expensive taste and an eye for elegance, so their home is a work of art.


Scorpios express their creativity through decor, and their homes look like detail-oriented sanctuaries. "Their homes have decorative elements, like lush velvet or silk pillows, warm candles, and a diffuser for aromatherapy," she says. "Their spaces are more yin, meaning they feel warm and inviting." She adds that blackout curtains and darker colors, along with some sort of water element, are important for Scorpios.


This fire sign has an adventurous spirit that is reflected in their home. "They love spending time outdoors, and they give as much attention to their outdoor space as they do to the indoors. Born under the sign of travel, Sagittarius likely has items found on travels," Lang says. Elements that bring the outdoors inside, like a living wall, are perfect finishing touches.


"Capricorn tends to be more traditional. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of the past, they tend to collect antiques. They may have elegant items with a traditional flair, like leather furniture, polished silver, fine china, or statement pieces of furniture," Lang says. "They have a reverence for inherited items or anything given to them." Their aesthetic is neutral earth tones, clean lines, and showcasing their success. Also, expensive tastes. "They also need good home office spaces, as they are either entrepreneurs or invariably take their work home with them," Lang adds.


An Aquarius home is likely to reflect their eclectic tastes, featuring "treasures and home goods from off the beaten path, like vacation or a thrift store," Lang says. Their style skews either shabby-chic or ultra-modern, but either way, they incorporate indoor plants and other natural elements in their decor. "They have an innate ability to find interesting art or make everyday objects into art," she says. "They’re extremely creative in their home-decor style." As an air sign, they thrive in a space with lots of light and an open floor plan.


"Pisces home is a retreat space where they can find respite from the outside world," Lang says. "It’s a creative play space, too." She adds that Pisces may benefit from having a meditation space or a designated art space as well as art since anything artistic can be inspiring to the sensitive water sign. Pisces will feel relaxed in a home with rich, dark colors, low lighting, and warm candles, Lang says. "As a water sign, Pisces tends to have some water element, like a fountain or fish tank, in their home. They may even have a pool or hot tub. They gravitate toward colors like purple, teal, and blue."

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