The Most Thoughtful Galentine’s Day Gifts To Give Your Friends, According to Their Zodiac Sign

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In 2010, Parks and Recreation fictional character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, invented Galentine's Day to celebrate the platonic love in one's life on February 13—a day ahead of the more romantic-leaning Valentine's Day on February 14. Now, many folks embrace Galentine's Day as an opportunity to connect with friends and remind them how important they are to you. One way you might do this is to get someone a material gift. And since our astrological signs can say a lot about who we are and what we like, it makes sense to purchase zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gifts for your best pals.

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That said, you don’t want to base your gift on the receiver’s sun sign. Instead, says astrologer Stephanie Campos-Powell, you want to look at their moon or Venus signs—which you can do by plugging in the date, time, and place of their birth into your favorite astrology app or an online generator like this one—before you start shopping.

“When buying anyone gifts, it's absolutely critical to consider someone's moon or Venus sign.” —Stephanie Campos-Powell, astrologer

“When buying anyone gifts, it's absolutely critical to consider someone's moon or Venus sign,” says Campos-Powell, because “Venus represents our hobbies, aesthetics, and what we take pleasure in…[and] our moon sign speaks to our inner self and what we need to feel fully secure, safe, and comfortable.”

Going with zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gifts based on these planetary placements, then, can provide good indicators for what types of gifts a person might like to recieve. And, to be sure, the planetary energy on Galentine’s Day is very supportive of friendship and gift-giving.

“On Galentine's Day, the moon will be in Cancer—one of its favorite zodiac signs to be in—which will create a nurturing mood,” says Campos-Powell. “Sharing affection with others will be welcome.” Read on to learn Campos-Powell’s suggestions for zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gifts.

The most thoughtful zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gifts based on moon and Venus signs, according to an astrologer


Campos-Powell says fire sign Aries is all about fitness. “This is one zodiac sign that needs to get their steps in every day,” she says, adding that for Galentine's day, you might “consider buying them a new pair of running shoes that are chic enough to take selfies in, but that will also go the distance with them.”

The pair below is known one of the best shoes for running and walking, so you can’t go wrong with it in terms of zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gifts.

Adidas Ultra Boost 22 — $190.00

This pair of sneakers is truly the perfect Galentine’s Day gift for Aries because it’s lightweight, which makes it good for covering long distances, and it’s pretty darn stylish. Plus, it’s made out of ocean plastic so you can feel good about its, ahem, footprint.


Perhaps because they’re a fixed Earth sign, a Taurus might never have enough plants, says Campos-Powell. “Try gifting a cute succulent or hipster cacti to liven up their living space,” she suggests.

Bloomscape Prickly Party Collection — $69.00

Why would you get one plant for your Venus or moon Taurus friend when you can get three of them? This plant bundle includes a Lifesaver Cactus, African Milk Tree, and Lace Aloe—which are all relatively low-maintenance.


As the most curious sign of the zodiac, Geminis “enjoy learning and are always on the go,” says Campos-Powell, adding that many Geminis enjoy a good hike and suggests going with hiking boots as a top choice for zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gifts.

The option below is still sure to make your Gemini friend happy.

columbia newton ridge hiking boots for women
Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Womens Waterproof Amped Boot — $90.00

There are a lot of great things about these hiking boots: They’re comfortable, waterproof, and affordable. Also noteworthy is that they’re designed to tackle a wide range of hiking terrains.


Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac, and they “crave security and comfort,” says Campos-Powell, but they also like to look at nice things. That’s why she suggests gifting your Cancer friend “a piece of decorative art that you think would fit well within their home.”

Crystal Canvas Contemporary Modern Cancer Print — $15.00

A Venus or moon Cancer will enjoy how aesthetically pleasing this print is.


Regal Leos, says Campos-Powell, “want to look good.” So getting the Leo in your life a beauty product, like a vitamin C serum, is sure to make them smile.

Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Treatment Serum
Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Treatment Serum — $45.00

This potent serum contains five forms of vitamin C that aim to even and brighten your complexion. Since Leos love to shine, this is definitely a standout zodiac-inspired Galentine’s Day gift.


According to Campos-Powell, being listened to is important to Virgo. “Personalized and thoughtful gifts, no matter how small, make the biggest impact,” she says. “Try surprising them with their favorite DoorDash meal.”

DoorDash gift card

Or you might consider getting them a gift card so that they can choose what they want to munch on. Mexican food, anyone?


“Libras might enjoy something that highlights their style,” says Campos-Powell. “Try gifting something like a trending nail polish.”

Essie Expressie, Loose the Snooze — $9.00

You might score some extra points if you gift your lunar or Venus Libra friend a fast-drying nail polish because that means they’ll actually be able to give themselves a manicure without risking the dreaded smudging.


According to Campos-Powell, “Scorpios love to research and go all in when it comes to their personal interests or hobbies.” The fixed water sign also loves the occult because their ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of rebirth, which means they’re always on the hunt for a good introspective practice.

USGS The Rider Waite Tarot Deck with Guidebook and Velvet Bag — $26.00

It’d be a good idea to gift lunar or Venus Scorpios “a deck of tarot cards to help them channel their innate psychic abilities,” says Campos-Powell.


“Sagittarius learns through life experience and travel,” says Campos-Powell. “Gifting them a chic and practical travel passport wallet will make their heart melt.”

TOOVREN Passport and Vaccine Card Holder — $15.00

Sag likes to travel worldwide, which means they would definitely enjoy a passport holder for their adventures.



As the goal-oriented and practical zodiac signs, Capricorns will appreciate something functional because they’ll be able to use it in their everyday lives, says Campos-Powell.

“If you can skillfully pick up on something that they might need at home—a new, decadent throw pillow, [bed] sheets, or a French press—they'd be grateful for you every day."

Bodum Chambord French Press — $50.00

Many go-getter Capricorns like to stay highly caffeinated. A perfect Galentine’s Day gift for them, then, would be a French press (which also comes with the added benefit of saving them from their $6 daily latte habit).


The rebel of the zodiac sign spends a lot of time listening to podcasts, so Campos-Powell says that getting them a case for their AirPods is sure to warm their hearts.

“[Consider] gifting the Aquarius in your life a cool and unique AirPod case that will help them stand out, but also care for their beloved ear buds,” says Campos-Powell.

Zodiac Charm AirPods Case, Aquarius — $10.00

This AirPods case is cute enough to attach to keys, and it comes with a clip to help the Aquarian in your life keep track of where their AirPods are at all times.


“Pisces suck up energy all day and spend their energy caring for others, so their gifts should help them recharge,” says Campos-Powell. She suggests gifting your Pisces loved one a water bottle so that they’re “able to restore their energy with every sip” they take.

best reusable water bottles
Que Collapsible Bottle — $25.00

Yes—you read that right. This is a collapsible and reusable water bottle. Pisces is sure to love this gift both because it doesn’t take up much space and its lightweight status reduces the carbon footprint during shipping.

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