The Most Powerful Affirmation for Your Zodiac Sign, and How to Use It

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This planet is a soil-and-water ball of chaos, and it’s hard to find a minute to collect yourself sometimes. But, for the spiritually-inclined, zodiac sign affirmations can help you regroup. With two words and a ritual, these mantras remind you who you are, what you're capable of, and how you can center yourself.

So, what are those two words? It depends on your astrological sign (aka sun sign) and how you feel most powerful, the channel that makes you feel like your most elevated self. You can use these words and follow it up with whatever you want to affirm. So if, for example, I’m a Taurus, and my affirmation is (spoiler alert) "I have," I could use them to affirm all the good in my life, or the good I want to attract. So, "I have friends who love and value me," or "I have a wonderful park-side apartment" or "I have dreamy bamboo cooling sheets." (It matters to a Taurus, trust me.)

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And feel free to check out the ritual to pair your affirmation with below, courtesy of Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Book of Dreams. “

The most grounding zodiac affirmation to use according to your sun sign

Aries: I am

Aries rules the house of self, and has an energy of "Me Me Me" as a result...which, if nothing else, can be centering! Using "I am" statements can remind them just how powerful they are.

"Since Aries prize immediacy and often don’t like to take too much time to do any one thing, setting aside just a few minutes each day to do their affirmation ritual may be better than dedicating too much time at any one time," says Gailing. "As the first fire sign, weaving [flames] into the ritual—whether by lighting a candle or doing your affirmations around the fireplace or a fire pit—can be powerful.

Taurus: I have

Creature comforts and sensual pleasures keep a Taurus nourished; it's why "I have" statements remind them of their wealth. Taurus also loves little rituals, and so creating one for their affirmations will enhance the connection they feel to the mantra.

"As such, when you say your affirmations, make sure you're surrounded by your favorite things—crystals, soft blanket, a cup of tea—and play some music in the background," says Gailing."After all, Taurus is very aligned with, and nourished by, sound."

Gemini: I learn

"Gemini likes to have a variety of approaches when they do things," says Gailing. "As such, consider both saying your affirmations out loud and also writing them down in your journal or on a piece of paper."In addition, you also want to challenge yourself mentally, which is why Gailing recommends getting ambidextrous and writing your affirmations down with your non-dominant hand, too. "This practice connects you to your right brain and therefore may help to spark your intuition and imagination when it comes to ways to further manifest your affirmations mantras," she says.

Cancer: I feel

For better or for worse, crabs are emotional folks. So claiming emotions that feel good (i.e. "I feel safe." "I feel loved." "I feel relaxed") can bring them back from sensations that feel messsy.
"Cancers love to nourish and protect others and so taking some 'me time' for a ritual—like this one involving affirmations—can itself be healing and nurturing," says Gailing. "As a water sign, they may also enjoy grounding their affirmation while taking a bath. Of course, saying their affirmations while cooking or baking may also be a ritual that feeds them."

Leo: I will

Leo is not only determined, they're extremely creative. Their regal presence means whatever they wish is their command, and remembering that is important.

"Let your inner artist shine as you focus in on your affirmation," says Gailing. "Sing them out loud or turn them into an art project. Paint them, sculpt them. As its nourishing to feel that you are recognized and seen, either say them in front of someone else or say them as you look at yourself in the mirror."

Virgo: I analyze

Sometimes Virgo has the fault of overanalyzing, but thinking things through makes them feel less anxious. Balance out the overthinking process by connecting to your earth sign roots.

"Nature is nourishing and supporting to you," Gailing says. "As such, weather permitting, find a beautiful spot outside, perhaps under a tree or by your garden, to do your affirmations, feeling the earth uplifting you."

Libra: I relate

The opposite sign of Aries, Libra doesn't like to do anything without a partner. Their affirmation, and their need to share it with someone, shows that.

"As a relationship-oriented sign, consider getting together with a trusted friend and create a ritual in which you each share your affirmations with the other," Gailing says. "It will give you yet another activity in which you can share, plus, the experience of having your affirmation be witnessed may be really powerful."

Scorpio: I desire

Scorpio doesn't really pursue what it wants, it magnetically attracts. You're also very supported by an underworld, so make sure you're in a dark and intimate settings before you start your ritual. "Turn off all the lights and light a few candles," says Gailing. "Then close your eyes and connect to your affirmations, saying them either in your mind’s eye or quietly to yourself out loud."

Oh, and FWIW, you might also get an energy boost by saying your affirmations while masturbating. "This way, they get both embodied in a deep pleasure experience while also being released into the energy field upon orgasm," Gailing says.

Sagittarius: I understand

Sage-like Sagittarius is a great perceiver—they see and understand things others don't. Reinforcing that truth keeps them present and mindful.

"Sagittarius have a great ability to use their visioning skills in pursuit of their aims," Gailing says. "As such, use your affirmations as part of a creative visualization process. To do so: Don’t just say your affirmations but really see them, envisioning the future you where you are fully living in their potential."

Capricorn: I utilize

True to earth sign form, Capricorn is connected to objects, shape, and structure. As such, you may find it really powerful to set up an affirmation altar filled with items that have meaning to you."They can then sit by their altar when they say or write their affirmations," Gailing says. "And, in fact, they may want to choose an object for each affirmation, holding it in their hand as they connect to it, and then afterwards, putting it on the altar itself."

Aquarius: I change

Aquarius wants to disrupt the status quo and heal the greater collective. And given that this air sign is so community-oriented, a group affirmation ritual with several friends might work best.

"Not only will having your affirmations held by the group be powerful, but you will feel enriched by knowing that many others are benefitting from this practice," Gailing says. "You could all even create an affirmation that goes beyond your individual selves, one that also includes a heightened potential for either the group or society."

Pisces: I believe

Mystical Pisces is the sign most aligned with sleep and dreams, so leaning into that subconscious world before bed will strengthen your affirmation. "As you drift off to sleep, focus upon your affirmations," says Gailing. "Not only will they lull you to the land of Nod but they may also get planted more richly in your subconscious; and you may even have dreams in which get to experience their expression."

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