Which Zodiac Sign Should You Seek Out for a Healthy Relationship?

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teen vogue logoDo you wonder how people see you? Especially the person you’re interested in? You don’t need a crystal ball to find out. All you need is to know your sign! If you’ve ever wondered if “it’s written in the stars” for you and your crush, look no further

Find your sign below to learn more about how you’re perceived, what you bring to the table in a relationship, and which signs you’re likely to get along with!


Intuitive, nurturing, and reflective, your feelings vacillate like the phases of the Moon, which happens to have rulership over your sign. Sometimes people call you moody, but really you’re just so emotionally sensitive that you’re like a conductor for raw emotional energy.

As a water sign, you might get the reputation of being a little evasive when first meeting people. You’re a total homebody and usually you would enjoy an intimate home-cooked dinner date more than a crowded club with swarms of people bumpin’ and grindin’.

You’re also very family oriented so it’s important to you that your significant other has similar values and doesn’t mind hanging out with your clan at least some of the time that you’re together. You don’t open up for just anyone, however, so if someone makes it into the sacred space of your home or gets to meet your family, it’s because you trust them enough to let your guard down.

Compatible signs: You’re most compatible with he other introspective Water signs Scorpio and Pisces, but you could also have a pretty harmonious and solid relationship with the Earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. Capricorn, which is at the opposite end of the zodiac, shares your values for tradition and can impart wisdom beyond your years.


The star of the zodiac, you’re as bright and charismatic as everyone says, Leo! With the royal Sun as your ruler, you’re a natural leader who demonstrates the power of generosity. And like the Sun you have a burning desire to be the center of attention, especially to your significant other. Your light gives people life and this is sure to attract lovers like a moth to a flame! Amorous and with a heart of gold, your lover can expect to be showered with tons of affection and extravagant gifts.

While all fire signs radiate with passion, you have a strong need to express yours with creativity. People might describe you as theatrical and grandiose and you certainly do have a knack for stealing the show and taking center stage. But you genuinely enjoy the ability to give large, impressive gifts to loved ones. Their happiness is your happiness.

Compatible signs: Loyalty is one of the qualities you most appreciate in a potential partner. You expect to be the Sun of their universe as they are the Moon and stars of yours. Aries and Sagittarius share the element of fire with you, making them equally suitable matches, but there is also an ease of communication with airy Libra and Gemini that makes either a nice match. Your opposing sign, Aquarius, has a much cooler temperament than you, but the two of could be a great pair as you each offer the other some balance.


One of the most grounded and self-effacing signs of the zodiac, you’re highly valued for the standards you set for yourself and those around you. Anyone who is lucky enough to date you quickly gets a taste of your capacity for kindness and the Virgo special treatment. That is, you treat your partner like royalty. Service is your forte and you see to it that anyone on the receiving end of your affection is comfortable and taken care of.

Ruled by Mercury, your attention to fine detail is impressive. This makes you a great planner for the perfect date. Although you sometimes get hung up on the smaller details, you make it a point to remember everything your lover likes and dislikes.

Compatible signs: Being an Earth sign, you show your love and interest in someone in more practical elements of life… you’ll bring them tea, rub their feet, and make sure they have whatever they need simply because it brings you pleasure. Capricorn and Taurus share your appreciation for the tangible, day-to-day, aspects of life which puts them at the top of your compatibility list. Cancer and Scorpio are low-key like you and dating one of them feels natural. Although Pisces, the sign opposite to you in the zodiac, can be silly and lack your discernment, their focus on the bigger picture gently encourages you to let go of stress that you’re known to hold onto.


Ruled by the planet Venus, you’re in love with love itself, Libra. And as an Air sign, you’re one of the most charming, eloquent, and persuasive of the zodiac. It’s rare for you to be alone, even if you try to keep your options open by staying single, love always finds itself at your doorstep. People can’t help but to flatter you with compliments about your stylish flair and beauty when they meet you. Even if you don’t possess abnormally symmetrical qualities (none of us are perfect), you are perceived as exceptionally attractive.

You seek balance in all areas of life, and by practicing compromise you become quite adept in the relationship department. You’re also very graceful and aware of how your actions and words influence others. It’s second nature for you to put others first and ask for someone else’s opinion. Like the Scales, you’re always comparing and weighing your options. Of course that includes the various suitors lined up hoping for the chance to date you. Just don’t forget to ask yourself, “What makes me happy?”

Compatible signs: Airy, thoughtful Gemini and Aquarius are perfectly fit to provide you the mental connection you thrive on, while Leo and Sagittarius can bring spark and exhilaration to the table. Energetic Aries can be a bit aggressive and combative for you at times, but their confident edge can also make for a passionate relationship.


Mysterious, perceptive, and deeply inquisitive, you’ve got a reputation for being overwhelmingly sexy. You’re also extremely romantic and there’s nothing you crave more than to merge with object of your desire. The most intense of the Water signs, you pour your whole heart into relationships, losing sleep fantasizing about what it feels like to be with them. But a relationship with you requires a high degree of trust and transparency because if someone is hiding something from you, you’ll dig until you find it.

Being co-ruled by gladiator Mars and powerful Pluto, you are very instinctual, and you won’t tolerate playing games and dishonesty. If something or someone poses a threat to you or your relationship, you won’t think twice before calling them out. Although forgiveness might not be your strong suit, you’re really good at transforming and bouncing back from painful experiences.

Compatible signs: Cancer and Pisces make ideal sensitive partners, while earthy Virgo and Capricorn keep it real. Sultry Taurus is the ultimate temptation whose patience is a real gift to a fierce Scorpion like you!


Zealous but cultured, you are incredibly multi-faceted, Sagittarius. You’re ruled by the planet Jupiter which expands whatever it touches and therefore your passionate nature is larger than life itself! Curiosity causes you to venture far from the familiar, geographically and socially, which points to your preference for exotic love interests or people who are drastically different from you, culturally speaking.

You come from the Fire element and your robust, dynamic personality makes you the person people want to invite to parties! Things are always interesting with you around so you have no trouble keeping your significant other entertained. But you have the soul of a gypsy, you need the freedom to come and go as you please. You’d rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Of course, if it were up to you, you and your partner would travel and see the world and live 100 lifetimes in one!

Compatible signs: Fiery Aries and Leo get your need for self-expression. Libra and Aquarius share a lot of your intellectual attributes. The chemistry between you and Gemini is undeniable as they challenge you to a game of cerebral trivia. As long as you two don’t let the need to be right ruin all the fun, you’re guaranteed to hit it off!


Ruled by Saturn, father of time, you’re often perceived as mature beyond your years. Not only are you admirably responsible and diligent, you’re willing to show your significant other just how much they mean to you by whole-heartedly committing to the relationship. As an Earth sign, you’re quite aware of material circumstances and it’s important to you that you can provide financially for you and your partner’s fancy trips and expensive dinners. You’re ambitious and very industrious, so anyone who wants to be with you must accept that you work long, hard hours to live a comfortable life.

You usually come across as a really serious person because you’re so determined when it comes to worldly success, but you’ve got a sense of humor too, albeit a little dry and sarcastic. You value reliability and stability and having a romantic partner who will show up and be there for you is priceless.

Compatible signs: Taurus and Virgo are perfect matches in that sense. You’ll get the sense of emotional security you need from sensitive Scorpio and Pisces, and watery Cancer’s necessity for a sanctuary empathizes with your sense of urgency to work towards building last structures, including a comfy home.


Often described as eccentric, you’re an outside-of-the-box thinker, Aquarius. Co-ruled by rebellious Uranus and traditional Saturn, relationships with you can be life-changing, but also long-lasting. You’re not afraid of committed relationships so long as your lover doesn’t try to lock you up! With that said, you might be more attracted to unconventional types of partnerships. You don’t care if you and your significant other fit in to society’s standards of a “normal” relationship. In fact, you may be an advocate to break the social norms and insist on being accepted for you as you are.

While your ideas are certainly revolutionary, you really just want to be free to be yourself. Independence is essential for your relationships to flourish. When paired with like-minded groups like you, your voice and your forward-thinking ideas can influence and move the collective mind in sweeping motions.

Compatible signs: As fellow air signs, rationally oriented Gemini and Libra are the most compatible to your cool and objective temperament. Vibrant Sagittarius and Aries are inherently adventurous and see unpredictability as exciting rather than scary. Leo’s passion for creative expression easily captures your attention and the Lion’s warmth can show you how to open up express your affection if you so desire.


Of all the signs, you might be the most romantic of all, Pisces. Dreamy, compassionate, and most sensitive, you’re like a mirror to everyone you come into contact with. People see themselves in you and you have the psychic sense to know what people are feeling, which makes you a very empathetic lover. You are however, very shy and introspective, so sometimes it takes a while for a potential partner to really get to know you since half the time you might just be picking up their expressions and behaviors.

As a Water sign, you have the longing to be with someone who is just as loving and emotionally supportive as you are. Just be mindful not to get talked into dating someone because you feel sorry for them, sweet Pisces! Having beneficent Jupiter and elusive Neptune as your co-ruling planets hints at your innate angelic, but spacey qualities.

Compatible signs: Scorpio and Cancer understand your profound emotional sensitivity which makes them harmonious matches whereas Capricorn and Taurus can guide you towards stability and centering. A relationship with Virgo can bring equilibrium to Virgo’s perfectionist personality and your need for discernment.


Being the first sign of the zodiac, it’s natural for you to take the lead and go for what you want, Aries. That includes in the dating arena. Ruled by the planet Mars, you’re known for being bold, confident, and maybe a little hot-headed: Passion oozes out of your pores!

The youngest of the fire trio, you inspire and excite the company you keep. But like the ram, you might have a tendency to butt heads with others for the sake of competition. It’s not to be an ass. It’s simply because you love a challenge and you prefer to approach potential partners as if they were a conquest to be won. Someone that seems too easy bores you. You like a little chase. You revel in the anticipation and the build up towards the culmination of victory. Of course, you don’t like too long of a chase, because your patience is rather limited and ultimately you just want to win.

Compatible signs: The signs that are easiest to get along with and most relatable to you are Leo and Sagittarius. Other signs which are compatible while keeping things fresh include: Aquarius and Gemini. Your polar opposite, Libra, offers enough contrast to keep things interesting, but requires mutual cooperation.


You have an aptitude for manifesting abundance and this includes love interests. And, there’s no question about it, Taurus: You are easily one of the most attractive signs of the zodiac! Ruled by the planet Venus, you’re recognized for being generous, patient, and sensual…who wouldn’t want to date you?

Like Queen Bey says, people just wanna “kiss up, and rub up, and feel up- kiss up, and rub up, and feel up on ya.” And you’re all about that touchy-feely-ness, Taurus. Your sensuality is one of the sexiest things about you and lovers might say you have the magic touch. The ideal romantic night for you would entail something along the lines of a date to watch an act of performing arts or visiting an art gallery, followed by a very tasteful, three course dinner, and ending with an intimate embrace against your date’s warm body.

As an Earth sign, it can be easy for you to get wrapped up in investing your sense of security in the physical world: lavish clothes and accessories, fine dining, and the physical embodiment of beauty. Some people might even call you shallow or materialistic — but those people clearly don’t understand you. It’s important for you to date people who don’t confuse the desire to appreciate art and beauty for superficiality.

Compatible signs: The signs you easily click with are Virgo and Capricorn. The creative femininity of water signs Pisces and Cancer gives them the potential to be lovers and friends. While deep and broody Scorpio may seem rather intense for you at times, you probably wouldn’t mind getting totally absorbed in their powerful presence.


Alluring and witty, you’re a silver-tongued magician when it comes to words, Gemini! Your presence exudes playfulness and people gravitate towards your youthful energy.

You’re a Mercury-ruled Air sign so you have a large appetite for information. Because your mental energy is always “on,” you find it hard to be attracted to someone unless they are intellectually stimulating. Thus the other Air signs Libra and Aquarius are very well-suited matches for your curious mind. You’ve also got a fun sense of humor and people get a kick out watching you make play on words. This would actually make you and one of the spirited fire signs Leo or Aries a dynamic duo… your air keeps them lit while their fire offers inspiration to your life!

Your ideal partner would be able to keep up with you in a fast-paced conversation, about multiple things, all within a short period of time. Of course, you probably wouldn’t mind doing most of the talking. You’ve always got a lot to say and people like hearing you perform your mental gymnastics.

Compatible signs: While the sign opposite to you, head-strong Sagittarius, challenges your ideas with various philosophical opinions, the centaur is someone who will definitely keep you on your toes!

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