What Your Next Baking Project Should Be, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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There's a good chance you've been spending a lot more time cooking and baking the past few months than normal, because, well, it's something to do and a way to be creative while quarantining. But maybe you've exhausted your backlog of recipes to try on Pinterest or you've simply been making the same banana bread recipe repeatedly are are now ready to throw your peels to the wall in frustration (PS: There are plenty of other ways you can use those banana peels). Clearly, you could use some new-recipe inspiration, so why not let the cosmos act as your guide? Because, believe it or not, there's actually zodiac sign dessert foods optimized for you, using specific flavors and ingredients you're sure to love.

Each sign governs a variety of tastes, and you can really build a full-course meal around satiating them. Below, astrologer and intuitive healer Rachel Lang offers her astro intel to inspire your baking adventure for a zodiac sign dessert (which is obviously the best course).

Read on for the best zodiac sign dessert foods.

Aries: pineapple upside down cake

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A textbook fire sign ruled by scarlet warrior planet Mars, Aries wants something with a kick to it. If you're feeling bold, and I'm sure you are, you can investigate something spicy, and get innovative with curry powder, chili, or Mars-ruled cayenne pepper (chili-chocolate cupcakes, anyone?).

Otherwise, Lang recommends a pineapple upside down cake, since pineapple has its own ties to the red planet.

Taurus: apple or cherry pie

Since Taurus is ruled by pleasure-focused Venus, your baking project should be delicious, decadent, and sweet. Apple pie à la mode is a perfect possibility—Venus or her Greek counterpart Aphrodite definitely had a thing for apples, particularly golden apples. "Venus also rules cherries, and a decadent cherry cake with chocolate ganache would also be fitting for Taurus," says Lang.

Gemini: carrot cake

Gemini generally leans savory, which means you're going to seek out spices vetted by your ruling planet, Mercury: anise, caraway, marjoram, dill, and fennel seed.

"Mercury rules carrots, and a delicious carrot cake would make an excellent baking project for Gemini," says Lang.

Cancer: lemon poppy seed cake

Cancer craves comfort foods in times of emotional duress, and then carry that stress in their stomach. To ease that tension, Lang suggests something light and bright, like a lemon poppy seed cake, since Cancer is associated with poppy.

Not a poppy lover but down with keeping things citrusy? We have a lemon bar recipe that's tart and delightful.

Leo: baklava

You, quarantine queen, want complex notes in your food—meals that evoke richness and royalty, (especially if you've been stuck in a frozen-food vortex for weeks).

"Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Leos tend to enjoy dramatic flavors and dishes that look as good as they taste," says Lang. "Saffron is an herb associated with Leo, as is honey and nuts. For dessert, I recommend baklava or a walnut tart covered in honey."

Virgo: lavender lemon cake

Virgos have been probably been keeping up with their healthy, light, simple meals as diligently as possible. They don't tend to over-season their foods because they want to preserve the integrity of what they're cooking. "For dessert, because Virgo is associated with lavender, I recommend a lavender lemon cake," Lang says. The herb is star-sign-approved because it's naturally soothing—perfect for a naturally stressed-out mind.

Libra: chocolate cake with rosewater icing

Like Taurus, Libra is also Venus-ruled, which means food is more of a pleasurable experience versus a utility, and they really want to savor all the textures of their food. Decadence and romance should infuse Libra's dessert, and you can even infuse Venus's most-beloved botanical.

"A dark chocolate cake with rosewater icing would be a delight for Libra," Lang says.

Scorpio: red velvet cake

"Scorpio tends toward extremes, and food is no exception," says Lang. "They like dramatic pungent, bittersweet, and hot flavors," Lang says. "For a dessert, I recommend something with a dramatic presentation, like a red velvet cake."

This checks, because Scorpio has a fascination for all things hidden, and what could be more hidden than cocoa nestled in a red cake? (Seriously, that's all red velvet cake is.)

Sagittarius: chocolate cream pie

Freedom-loving Sagittarius generally doesn’t like to be restricted in terms of their diet. Remember, these are the travelers of the zodiac who now have to stay shut in, so whatever novelty they can get, they'll take.

"For something sweet, I recommend a chocolate cream pie," Lang says. "Jupiter is the ruler of cream, after all."

Capricorn: blackberry cobbler

Caps are all about tradition (flavors that remind them of the past), practicality (ingredients that can create meals that can last a long time), and attention to detail. Their flavors are tart and astringent.

"For sweets, I recommend a blackberry cobbler," says Lang. "While blackberries are ruled by Venus, the color black is a Capricorn color. If you mix blackberries and black currants, you’ll have a dark, delicious Capricorn dessert."

Aquarius: black bean brownies

Aquarians have a celebratory spirit for quirk and trying out new ideas. "For something sweet, I recommend being experimental; Aquarius is the sign of the innovator," says Lang. "Mix flavors together, try something new, and use the latest kitchen gadgets if possible."

Um, black bean brownies, anyone?

Inspired to try a black bean brownie recipe? Try our healthy one below:

 Pisces: tiramisu

Pisces prefers subtle flavors, delicately balanced in a soft package. And Pisces also has probably been deliberating what to make more than anyone on the wheel. So when you can't decide what you want to make for a treat, what should you do?

"Try something with Neptune-ruled coffee or a liqueur," says Lang, "Tiramisu would combine both of these ingredients into one tasty dessert."

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