How to Choose Music for Your Zodiac Sign, According to Cosmic Playlist Expert Chani Nicholas

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You know those CDs you used to burn for road trips with a track list that couldn't be It takes time to find the songs that align best with your personality—the ones that you could listen to over and over because those lyrics just get it. And if anyone knows how to pick them it's Chani Nicholas.

Catering to each zodiac sign, the badass astrologer (and meme wizard) recently curated cosmic playlists for Spotify, each filled with 25 different songs. She has a particular method for selecting a few dozen from of the millions of tunes available. "I choose the music that best fits each sign based on the astrology that is happening at the moment," she tells me. "I go by themes of the moment for that sign and align the astrology with certain songs, genres, or feelings that seem most appropriate, helpful, and might help people to move though that moment, find inspiration, or articulate their feelings."

While Nicholas is highly skilled in astrology, there's a way you can go about choosing music that really speaks to you. And the biggest piece of advice she has is to dig deeper than your sign.

"We're all born at a specific astrological moment that gives us a chart, or map of the sky, the moment we took our first breath. We're the imprint of the entire sky, and we're so much more than just the sign that the sun was in when we were born," she says. "If we're going to look at something like music and how it relates to our astrology, we really need to look at the entire chart, just as we need to look at the entire person."

Having said that, there are some clear trends when you peruse the playlists—so what can we deduce about what's happening at this astrological moment for each sign? Let's take a (very non-astrologically expert) look at what Nicholas' playlists seem to be communicating.


"Get Well Soon" by Ariana Grande, "Weary" by Solange, "Self Care" by Mac Miller...Capricorn, are you okay??


Wow, "Body Love" by IDER and the explicit version of Cautious Clay's "Call Me"? Get a room, Aquarius.


You've got "Work" by Rihanna and Drake (and "Work" by Charlotte Day Wilson) plus a double shot of of Bey-Jay billionaire blessings, with "BOSS" by The Carters and Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)." In other words, your co-workers better look out, Pisces.


With Rihanna's "Sex With Me" and Leon Bridges' cover of Ginuwine's "Pony," Aries' playlist has some serious heavy-breathing cred, too. Stay safe, Aries!


Listen up, something you might want to say soon because these choices are all about relations: "Family is Family" by Kacey Musgraves, "Daughters" by John Mayer, and "Family (Blended Babies Remix)" by Chance the Rapper featuring Vic Mensa.


So Gemini, do you have a valid passport? Because look at these titles: "Paris, Tokyo" by Lupe Fiasco, "Streets of Africa" by Burna Boy, "Amsterdam" by Coldplay, and "Lost in Japan" by Shawn Mendes.


With "Money" by Cardi B, "Money Longer" by Lil Uzi Vert, and "Money Trees" by Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, there seems to be a trend. Make that paper, Cancer.


Lucky you, Leo! You have Lizzo's "Good as Hell" right up top. If it's "time to focus on you," as Lizzo says in the self-love, get-it-girl anthem, this will help: "I" by Kendrick Lamar and "Self" by Noname.


Virgo, your legendary organizational skills may be needed this month. To sort through some stuff. Look at these tracks: "Cruel World" by Active Child, "I Get No Joy" by Jade Bird, and "Keep Your Head Up" by Jay Howard.


Here's another theme that's pretty straightforward, and fitting for the zodiac's social butterfly: "Friends" by the Carters, "All My Friends" by Chance the Rapper featuring Tinashe, and "With a Little Help from my Friends" by the Beatles. Have fun!


Ready to go on a power trip? (You know you are, Scorpio.) Blast this mix, featuring "King of Everything" by Dominic Fike, "You Should See Me In a Crown" by Billie Eilish, and "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James.


If you've been having divine inspiration lately, this playlist is going to fit right into your mindset: "GOD." by Kendrick Lamar, plus Ariana Grande's "God is a Woman" and Prince's "And God Created Woman." Amen.

Additional reporting by Tehrene Firman. 

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