The Biggest Misconception of Each Zodiac Sign, According to 12 Astrologers

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Even if astrology memes are a main source of joy for you right now, there's surely at least one stereotype about your sun sign that really irks you. For instance, I'm a Taurus sun sign who used to get pretty peeved by teen magazines offering me tips like, "Taurus, your go-to homecoming dress is a brown potato sack with soil-colored shoes, because you're Earthy." While I'm over the gross homecoming dress advice, specifically, irritating zodiac sign stereotypes certainly endure.

To provide a much-needed reprieve, 12 superstar astrologers are here with their take on the biggest misconception about each sign. Are you a Cancer who cringes at the word "maternal?" Or maybe a Leo who's sick of being called self-centered? You're likely to feel better after reading superstar astrologers' takes on zodiac sign stereotypes we need to squash.

And, rest assured, if the top stereotype of your zodiac sign still doesn't comfort you, take solace in knowing that you are not just your sun sign; you are a nuanced collage of all the various components on your natal chart.

Below find the top zodiac sign stereotypes explained, according to 12 astrologers.

Aries: aggressive

"One of the biggest misconceptions about Aries is that we're all combat and fiery fight. While the element of 'friction' is certainly a key life theme that this sign cuts its teeth on, what we sometimes forget is that there's no malice in the purest expression of Aries' vivid life force. Like a sprout through the pavement cracks or a fresh baby peep, Aries is here to burst onto the scene with vigorous innocence."

Bess Matassa, PhD, author of  Zodiac Signs: Virgo

Taurus: lazy

"One of the biggest misconceptions about Taurus is that they're lazy. Taurus loves to be leisurely, but 'lazy' assumes an unwillingness, which isn't quite the case. It's more that they need to be able to see the value or point, as they are deliberate about how they use their energy. Taureans don't shy away from hard work, and, in fact, love the satisfaction of being useful, seeing a job through and doing it well—even if they do move a bit slower. They're thorough by nature, and that takes a little more time."

Courtney O'Reilly, founder of Vibrant Soul Astrology and author of  Zodiac Signs: Taurus

Gemini: shallow

"The biggest misconception of Gemini is that they're shallow. They don't take themselves too seriously, so people project a conspiracy on Gemini that since they're light on their feet, they're not serious enough to think deeply. But Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, could fly to the heavens and hell in mythology. So Gemini can take their thoughts and conversations to deep places—but only when it's earned and with people they trust."

Colin Bedell, founder of QueerCosmos, author of Zodiac Signs: Gemini

Cancer: weak and emotional

"There’s an assumption out there that Cancers are these weepy, nostalgic souls, and while that's true in a lot of ways, it totally disregards the fact that Cancers are often highly motivated, career-oriented people. The bulk of a Cancer’s life force revolves around establishing secure roots of emotional security in order for them to firmly climb the career ladder of their choice.

"[Another stereotype] is that Cancers are fragile, weak people because of their innate sensitivity and soft-heartedness. Really, the mother/protector archetype that Cancer exhibits is an incredibly regenerative, supportive, and nourishing emotional superpower that’s hard to come by."

Mackenzie Greer, founder of Mack and the Zodiac

Leo: selfish

"No one is a stranger to a Leo's need for the spotlight and, sure, sometimes their egos get the best of them. A Leo's desire to be firmly planted as the center of attention is oftentimes misconstrued as being selfish. They may be attention-seeking, but Leos are actually one of the most generous zodiac signs.

"In astrology, each sign governs a different area in the body, and Leo rules the heart. These big-hearted felines wear their emotions on their sleeves, are eager to help, and have a pack mentality. They protect their pack at all costs and are incredibly loyal. This is the friend who will give you the sweatshirt off their back if you compliment it, not one who won't tell you which website they ordered it from. Leos feel deeply, love fiercely, and if you're lucky enough to call one a friend, you've signed up for a lifetime of extravagant birthday gifts and your very own personal cheerleader."

Leona Moon of Leona Moon Astrology

Virgo: perfectionist

"Everyone thinks Virgos are perfectionists and picky when we're actually trying to make the world a better place. Everything can be improved, so if a Virgo criticizes you or something you did, take the time to ask them how it could be improved. After they tell you, offer them the opportunity to take charge and fix it up. They're happy, you have a helper, and the world spins a bit brighter."

—Anne Ortlee of Anne Ortlee Astrology

Libra: indecisive

"One of the biggest misconceptions about Libra is that we’re indecisive. While it’s true we can take our time to make decisions because we weigh out the pros and cons, in actuality, we’re often in a battle between our head and our heart. When we’re keyed into our hearts, the answers are clear. I am incredibly decisive when I let my heart and soul lead, and then I act fast after a decision has been made.

"Libras are cardinal signs; we take action and aren’t afraid to initiate change. But take me to a restaurant with more than one vegan option on the menu, and I’ll take forever to decide between the one I should want and the one I actually do want."

Rachel Lang, intuitive healer and astrologer

Scorpio: lusty

"There’s this stereotype that Scorpios are all sex-crazed, which might be true for some, but in general, Scorpios oscillate between extremes: Scorpions are creatures of the desert and have the ability to abstain from behaviors for long periods of time. (You’ll find Scorpios undergoing long bouts of abstinence more than most signs.)

"Scorpios are power-conscious and understand the link between sex and power. Yes, sex may give the feeling of harnessing power, but what Scorpios crave most is intimacy and vulnerability, to be seen and loved for the most raw versions of themselves. Sex can create the atmosphere through which that exchange can occur. So the Scorpio you know might be a freak in bed, but there's usually a lot more to it than pure lust."

Shakirah Tabourn of The Strology and author of Zodiac Signs: Pisces

Sagittarius: commitment issues

"In terms of a big misconception about Sagittarius, many people think that we're commitment-phobes when it comes to relationships. While we do love our freedom, we tend to give our undivided attention to anyone or anything that helps us grow, can take us somewhere new, and allows us to derive meaning from life. If a partner can keep up with us on our quest for truth, wisdom, and adventure, they'll be a partner for life."

Mecca Woods of My Life Created and author of Astrology for Happiness and Success

Capricorn: conservative

"One of the biggest misconceptions about Capricorn is that they are conservative in a capitalistic way. Capricorn is the sign of conservation⁠—and that can lend itself to scarcity and hierarchical thinking, but it also lends itself to the hard work, patience, and humility that is necessary for humanistic problem solving. Saturn's babies are hard on themselves and whatever they're asking of others, you can bet they're demanding of themselves."

⁠—Jessica Lanyadoo, author of Astrology for Real Relationships

Aquarius: lack of stability

"I’m an Aquarius, and the biggest misconception people have about my sign is that we're water signs. No, I’m an air sign. The other misconception is that we're quirky, odd, and eccentric, which may be true; however, we're also fixed signs, and I have more stability than anyone I know.

"Every morning after my qigong meditation exercises, you can find me making my perfect cappuccino, and by 7 p.m. every night, I will have my superior glass of red wine. Don't tie me down, but don't mess with my routines."

Jennifer Freed, PhD, psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely

Pisces: moody

"Ruled by Neptune and their massive imagination, Pisces tend to get a bad reputation for being moody, closed off, or guarded. There's much more under the surface of this deeply sensitive sign. Pisces is the last astrological sign of the zodiac; ruled by water, they're considered to be one of the most emotionally intelligent signs. This, however, can have its drawbacks when it comes to fully expressing or communicating what they're feeling and thinking.

"Pisces can feel a lot all at once and are very empathic, so sometimes their emotions can be more than they know how to handle, especially around people. They do like to escape into their own dreamland but don't mistake this for being closed off or moody. Pisces are super gentle and expressive in their own creative way; if you give them the right atmosphere to feel comfortable and not bombarded with all the energy around them, then you will discover a very kind and open person."

Corina Crysler of The Moonshine Co

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